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Adam K Reminds Us Where House Music Came From in New Remix

Monday, November 16, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Back in the 90s, house music was the king of the “underground.” EDM hadn’t taken over the media, festivals weren’t huge extravaganzas (heck Ultra and Tomorrowland were barely ideas yet) and most producers were stuck in the studio ghost-producing for pop legends. One such artist was Steve “Silk” Hurley. While producing and writing tracks with Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson and others, he produced “The Word is Love” in 1997. This 8 minute track was the essence of house music in the 90s and is a great track to examine where today’s music came from. Fast forward almost 19 years and Adam K, most noted for his collaboration with Kaskade on “Raining,” gave the track a 2010s rework perfect for that sunset drive down memory lane. Give it a listen below and enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD.

Steve Silk Hurley – The Word is Love (Adam K Remix)

What I think is interesting about this time period now is that with the explosiveness of massive progressive house, heavy trap and overall complex melodies and beats, we are seeing a counterculture formulate with stripped down beats, simple free-flowing melodies and for lack of a better term, the feels. Adam K does exactly this with the remix, keeping the 90s house vibe and adding in some 2010 tropical house feels and a groovy bass line. Listening to the track, I can feel my head bob, my eyes close and my feet start tapping. Sharon Pass’s vocals egg you on to “say the word,” but I’m going to say the phrase, I LOVE HOUSE MUSIC. There I said it, hate me, love me, whatever you want but this is the music I love to listen to. Give Adam K a follow on Soundcloud, Twitter and a like on Facebook. If you want to listen to a true legend, give Steve “Silk” Hurley a follow on SoundCloud and catch up on years of music that you haven’t listened to yet. Enjoy the free download and follow Only The Beat for your latest in music news.