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Justin Jay & Friends Are Already Taking Over With "Karma"

Saturday, November 21, 2015

What started as friends with vastly different music influences, turned into an unlikely collaboration resulting in the project now known as Justin Jay & Friends. Justin Jay has teamed up with college pals, Benny Bridges and Josh Taylor, to bring the project into fruition with their newest track, “Karma.” While still maintaining Justin’s signature underground sound, tribal percussion and a gritty bassline support the silky vocals and its contrasting guitar riffs. Justin has teased the track at his performances over the past year, including those at Coachella and Desert Hearts, making the project highly-anticipated. In coming months, we can expect to see more from Justin Jay & Friends, as he introduces new “Friends” to the project and graces your speakers with more genre-bending tracks. Keep an eye out for its November 24th release, and be ready for more from this new project. "Two sensitive music kids join a frat together... During my first year of college, I became friends with Josh. As a singer/songwriter, he was drawing influence from John Mayer and Jack Johnson, while I was hooked on Dirtybird and going to illegal house/techno warehouse parties. We grew a mutual respect for each other's interests, but never even considered making music together. Back in January, with one semester before graduation, we decided to jam together, as a somewhat sarcastic joke. I'd never felt so uncomfortable making music in my life and Josh felt the same. I never had to think about lyrics, verses and choruses, while josh had never sang on top of minor chord changes and dirty bass lines. It's really scary being pushed to do something different musically, but because I had my friends pushing and helping me, I've never had so much fun making music before." - Justin Jay