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Shady Moves Puts The Grooves On Tove Lo's Talking Body

Sunday, November 29, 2015
Janessa Demeule

Tove Lo's hit "Talking Body" has reached critical acclaim worldwide.  However, for some, it lacked that punch that launched it into overdrive. Enter Shady Moves, producers who know how to take a hit and make it better. the best part about the original version was Lo's vocals. Enticing, vibrant, and enjoyable, many listeners would request to hear her on Top 40 lists. Normally this would be off-putting to some. But with the help of a little production flair a no-so-average vocal and an average track is turned into a not-so-average electronic hit. Slow to start,  Shady Moves keeps pace with the vocals for a much more satisfying burn. The varying pace and uplifting chorus makes "Talking Body" a fun and enjoyable remix. Give it a listen here.