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Zimmer Drops Remix EP For "Escape"

Monday, December 07, 2015

Zimmer is a name that most casual dance music fans are familiar with, not because of his music unfortunately, but because of his previous beef on Twitter with deadmau5. Social media drama aside, the French producer is easily one of the most talented musicians in dance music right now, and has cemented his reputation as a flag-bearer for the iconic label, Roche Musique. He released his Escape EP earlier this year, and now it's gotten the remix treatment from three of his favorite up-and-coming stars, like JackLNDN, Superpoze, and Durante. Each of the three producers delivers their own imaginative take on the track, which JackLNDN laying down a groovy melody to pump the track full of vibes, while Superpoze provides an experimental electronic take on the tune. To round out the EP, Durante delivers a classic house remix of "Escape" that will surely be heard in warehouses around the world.