Get Down With EDX’s Melodic Remix Of The Avener

The man behind the Indian Summer remix of Sam Feldt’s “Show Me Love,” and the original, “Belong,” is back with a vibe-drenched release to keep you nostalgic for summer. EDX has unveiled his ‘Paris By Night’ remix of The Avener’s “We Go Home,” featuring the smooth vocals of Adam Cohen. The relaxing original track gets an uplifting makeover, as EDX develops a building counter-melody behind the smooth vocals of Cohen. With a subtle, yet consistent, bassline to support the soulful chord progressions, EDX revamps the track into a feel-good record with a hint of beach-appropriate sounds. This Paris At Night remix of “We Go Home” will be available this today, so be sure to pick it up.

If you’ve been trying to see EDX live, check out his list of dates here to see if he’s stopping in a city near you.

EDX Tour Dates
12/11 – No Xcuses @ Ruby Skye – San Francisco, CA
12/12 – Dinsmoor Nightclub – Mexico City, Mexico
12/17 – Sky – Salt Lake City, UT
12/18 – Sound Bar – Chicago, IL
12/19 – Sound Nightclub – Los Angeles, CA
12/25 – Club 11 – Nuremberg, Germany
12/31 – Réveillon Sunset Dreams – Florianopolis, Brazil
1/2 – Green Festival – Balneário Camboriú, Brazil
1/9 – Naília Beach Club – Ilha da Coroa – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
1/9 – Laroc – Campinas, Brazil
1/17 – Wah Wah Beach Club – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
1/21 – Fuego Night Club – Orlando, FL
1/22 – Groove Cruise – Miami, FL
1/29 – Maya Beach Club – Scottsdale, AZ
1/30 – Omnia – San Diego, CA



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