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Review: Geil - My Aim

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Geil is someone who is a close fired of the SSOH label and now he serve sup another compelling track for it. Of course, this label is now twenty years strong and is headed up by the legend that is Claude Monnet and it never fails to cook up the heat. Here the original gets backed with a remix from Melokolektiv. Montpellier’s Geil has been doing his do for a decade plus now, and that really shows in the great cut he serves up here. My Aim in original form is a deep and patient house cut with big broody bass and slowly percolating percussive patterns. Darkened vocals add more atmosphere and it really is a moody cut that sucks you right in. Melokolektiv (aka a pair of French producers who have released on labels like Kindisch and OFF in the last four years) then offer their take on things. The resulting cut is a more synthetic and prickly cut with freaky vocals and loose limbed percussion that really gets under your skin. It is a nice yin to the original’s yang and rounds out what is another brilliant package on an ever brilliant label.

Geil - My Aim