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Review: Exon Bacon - Crepuscule EP

Friday, December 25, 2015

Play Label Records looks to its manager and the amusingly entitled Exon Bacon for its next release, which is a four track affair featuring two originals and two remixes. Bacon has obviously released on the label before now and did so to great acclaim back in May 2015 with his Watching Dogs EP. As such the Belgian is now back once again with many more great tricks up his sleeve.   Opening up the account is Le Soir, a deep and spine tingling emotive track with lush melodies. They twinkle up top with a real sense of majesty and are colourful and human. Vocals add a sense of emotional pain and this is sure to get floors going. Cosmic Cowboys remix it into something suitably intergalactic, widescreen and shimmering given their name. La Nuit is the other original and is again resplendent with some brilliant melody work. They rain down like, well, rain, as rubbery beats lazily unfold below. It is a cool early evening track to warm floors though and proves Exon Bacon has some great skills. The remix by Dachshund is more dubbed out, then leaning and groove driven, and rounds out a nice varied package.   Crepuscule is out now and available here via Play Label Records.