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The House that Shmitty Built

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Zach Fietsch

Shmitty’s house looks out over a fjord with a view unobstructed by anything but clean, angular, dark pine furniture and has a very, very deep basement. Well… that’s what it sounds like anyway. In reality there are palm trees somewhere in this LA based DJ’s home vista. However, his original house and techno tracks show strong European roots in the Berlin Minimal tradition… as one would expect from the founder of LA’s Minimal Sessions event crew. While holding down his dual residencies at Create and Exchange LA, Shmitty demonstrates his skill as a sonic technician. The crisp precision of his mixes shows a strong preference for the control of synths over the warmth and funk of samples while still managing to judiciously incorporate vocals. No sonic element escapes his clutches, in one live set (48:30), a familiar track in the Chicago House arsenal, Georgy Porgy by Toto, appears. The track is only recognizable by lyrics as every other aspect of the piece has been snipped and clipped to serve the needs of the minimal mix. What would usually a funky up-tempo loop becomes a dark, synth-bound, and lovely departure from traditional use. Even as the vocals declare that they “aren’t so systematic” it is clear they have been tied to the dance machine. This Dutch Master of mixes takes control of the horizontal and the vertical so he can send you to The Outer Limits. Where some DJ’s will cater to the crowd at hand to keep them on the floor; Shmitty will compel his audience into motion. Fear not, this master puppeteer will be pulling your strings all night if you end up on his dance floor. Shmitty is definitely a DJ worth watching and those lucky enough be in Playa, Mexico this week can catch him at the Coco Maya Beach Club on January 12. Can't make it? The event, put on by the kind folks at Unlisted, features a live video stream that will be broadcast on the hompeage of