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Behind the Beat: Nora En Pure

Friday, March 04, 2016
Shendy Hershfield

Switzerland-based DJ and producer Nora En Pure had a massive 2015 with touring, her Morning Dew EP and an awesome remix for Australian trio RUFUS. We were lucky enough to sit down with her in Pittsburgh while on the No Xcuses Tour with EDX, Croatia Squad and Antonio Giacca. Oh and we got to see her only B2B set of the tour with EDX! Only The Beat: You are on this crazy, three-week tour across North America, do you have a favorite city that you have played in so far? Nora En Pure: Well, in general the bigger cities New York, San Francisco. Webster Hall was amazing and those cities are really good for my sound so I normally get a good response there and this tour so far has been good as well. And we try to also get some smaller cities on this tour since we are on the bus and passing thru. It makes sense to stop in some smaller places where we normally would not go. So, it's nice to go to some new cities. OTB: When I saw this was announced, I thought, "Oh my gosh, she's coming to Pittsburgh!" I never thought I would see you play here. So, it's a real treat for people in Pittsburgh to see you play. There are a ton of people here tonight that saw you play on Groove Cruise Miami last month. What was your Groove Cruise experience like? Nora En Pure: What I loved the most is that they had everything together. You know you could go to a restaurant, you could check out another DJ or go to sleep. You know everything was in one place, so you were able to check out things. There was such good food, I was eating the whole time. And it's always nice to see other DJs. We work together, which now we are on this tour. But, normally we don't see each other that often and we don't get to talk a lot and exchange opinions on tracks or other stuff. So it was nice to just have that time together. [caption id="attachment_37426" align="aligncenter" width="720"]No Xcuses Bus Tour Photo: Danilo Lewis Photography[/caption] OTB: Watching you guys on Groove Cruise and tonight it almost seems like family. Nora En Pure: It is. And it's getting better and better. You know how everyone plays so it's great. OTB: And I noticed you have a very busy Miami Music Week schedule coming up. Every day I am getting some kind of notification of another lineup that you are on. Is there one show that you are more excited for over another? Or just the Miami Music Week experience as a whole? Nora En Pure: I love all the day pool parties, for my sound it's amazing. And the vibe there in general during music week, I love it. What I love is that I have quite a balanced tour. I have a couple of more commercials shows and then I have a bit more underground in the evening. Very different lineups I'm in and it's challenging. And I love that. OTB: So, that's a really good segue to my next question. You are preparing for so much during Miami Music Week and this tour which is almost every day with the occasional day off. What is that like to prepare day in and day out? It's constant. Nora En Pure: Well, for me there's always a little preparation before the set. I always if I can check-out the venue, what it looks like, what kind of people might be expecting me. In the end the best thing is to be very organized in your playlist...which I'm not. But, then when I go and play I'll try to find out what is the taste of people, what tracks are they responding to the most. Then I go into a direction: a little more commercial, a little bit more underground or groovy.

Nora En Pure & Redondo - I Got To Do (Out Now)

OTB: To me, I think you've made a huge impact in the past year specifically in what you have done for women in dance music. What is your is your take on women in dance music and what is going on in the scene right now? How it's changing? Nora En Pure: Well, I often get asked about this. For me, I've never really seen much you know this difference. I don't perceive that this way. Normally, you get treated or judged or whatever in the way you deliver. And if you're passionate about what you are doing, you always get respected for it no matter if you are a woman or a man. I feel that the longer that more women are getting into the scene and probably also better respected, I don't know, it always depends what you do. It obviously doesn't help if you are a woman and you are on stage half-naked or whatever. It should always be about the music and if you as a woman show that passionate about your music and you live this there's not at all a problem. OTB: And I think one of the thing that I appreciate with you is watching you play. You can tell you are enjoying every second of it. You love what you do and you can see the passion for it and in what you produce. "Better Off That Way" is one of my favorite tracks. Is there a story behind it or a special meaning behind that track in particular? Nora En Pure: Not really actually. "Morning Dew," there was more of a history behind that track, the title track of the EP. In "Morning Dew" I wanted in the EP to have a bit more fun track and a one that is more to the soul, that speaks to you and touches you. "Better Off That Way" is more the fun track, which pursues a bit of the sound we do with Enormous Tunes. I have the sample of guitar somewhere and then I wanted a fun track that makes you dance.

Nora En Pure - Morning Dew (Radio Mix)

OTB: Are you able to speak to the creative process behind your tracks? Nora En Pure: Sure. Like normally, well it depends very much. Let's say I find a vocal that I like very much and I build everything around it; the breakdown, the drop and I put the vocal in the breaks so that it touches you more. The drop is the more fun part. Or otherwise, I start with a beat. I think of the melody of the piano touches me the most. To me it's the most soulful instrument, that's why I use it often. And, it can be that sometimes, I have the main loop which could be 45 seconds or a minute. I have it half a day and can finish the project pretty quickly or it's there for four months you know? If I'm not fully happy, I take a week and go back and listen to and think what did I do? And I go and rework everything. There definitely different ways in how I approach tracks.

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