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Behind the Beat: Ramiro Lopez

Friday, August 19, 2016
Shendy Hershfield

There are a few artists in 2016 that have been exceptionally busy when it comes to putting out new music. Spain's Ramiro Lopez happens to be one of them. Somehow between his incredibly busy tour and production schedule he was able to chat with us. Lopez discussed some of his most recent releases, touring, food and even hinted at some big news coming in September (yes, we are excited about that). Added bonus: he did an exclusive mix for us! It will for sure get you dancing. Only the Beat: When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in music? Was there a specific moment that stands out? Ramiro Lopez: I liked to listen to music and pretend to play like a DJ when I was a child, but that moment when I saw a DJ live in a club and the synergy with the audience was the key. OTB: You recently played the Intec + Suara parties during Sonar Week in Barcelona. How was that? RL: Sonar is always a crazy week! This year both parties were off the hook and it was great to meet all those colleagues out there. We had lot of fun. OTB: You are playing quite a bit in South America this Summer. How do the events, crowds differ there from what you experience in Europe? RL: I'm touring South America a lot at the moment and really enjoying it. The people are so enthusiastic there. They really feel and love the electronic music. Always dancing and making noise…I love them. The organization at all the events I’ve been playing were always perfect and I can't complain at all. OTB: It's been a pretty busy year so far with multiple releases on Intec Digital, the latest one "Revolution Space EP" and a new EP out on Octopus Recordings. Can you tell us a little more about the tracks, creative process? Any others in the pipeline? RL: "Revolution Space" is my kind of tribute to Carl Cox and his parties at Space Ibiza. This is his last year there. I've been dancing there uncountable times and now this is coming to the end. Carl has been playing the tracks for months and knows they are finally available for everybody. Both tracks are pretty techy, groovy and easy to dance at the same time. Regarding Octopus, this will be my third EP for the label. It's one of my faves. The track is called "Frozen" and there will be two techno tracks and it'll be good to refresh everyone. And yes, in fact a big thing is happening. I can only say it's coming in September and it's going to be maybe one of the most important things in my career so far. Can't wait to give you more info soon.

Exclusive: Ramiro Lopez Mix for Only the Beat

OTB: Your "Apt 13’"EP was released on Chus & Ceballos' Stereo Productions this Spring. I am a big fan of the label and your EP is fantastic. I read that some inspiration for that came from The BPM Festival. Can you speak more in depth about that? Also, overall impression of BPM as an event? RL: I love the label too. I've been a fan since my beginnings. The most important thing is Chus, Pablo, and all the Stereo family are gems and I love them. So it's been a pleasure to finally release with them. This year I had an amazing time with friends and family in Playa del Carmen. Lots of funny experiences so I dedicated the names to those times. In fact, we chose the names all together! BPM is for me one of the best events worldwide at the moment. Only underground parties, great weather and spots, best way to start the year. Expect me there in 2017 too. OTB: Do you have a particular gig that sticks out for you, one that you will always remember? RL: I'm keeping many unforgettable moments in my mind and it's difficult to pick just one. That closing set in Florida 135 b2b with my man Andres Campo, the amazing tour around India last year, first time I played with Carl Cox. OTB: Favorite track(s) you have produced? RL: My favorite is yet to come. OTB: Favorite food (and if it's from a restaurant, name of it and location)? RL: I'm a foodie and I love to try everything! I just went to DiverXO of Dabiz Muñoz and it's been one of my best culinary experiences ever. I love to cook and I always enjoy making a Paella and having beers with my friends. OTB: Three tracks you are listening to right now? RL: Paul Woolford – Mother & Child Mano Le Tough - Energy Flow (DJ Koze Splaher remix) Enrico Sangiuliano – Moon Rocks OTB: Plans for the rest of the Summer, any gigs/events you are really looking forward to the rest of the year? RL: I already have two new tours around America this summer. My agency is working on more and I'm very excited about it. I will also be playing in Ibiza for a couple of parties, Italy, Germany, UK, Holland also coming in the near future and plenty to come. It's going to be hectic. OTB: When will we get to see you play in the U.S? Hoping soon! RL: Can't wait for Exchange LA for the first time on August 27th! There will be some other surprises around these dates as well. I will be there for the last part of the year for sure. Hope to see there!

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