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Behind The Beat: Amine Edge & Dance - "G-House is Dead"

Friday, December 09, 2016
Sydney Platt

cuffOn a brisk night in early December, I met up with French house duo Amine Edge & Dance in a hotel lobby before their big San Diego debut. When I caught up with the CUFF label owners, they had been sleeping all day coming off their show in Chicago, still jet-lagged from the overseas flight from the UK. "It was a dream when we were kids to play in Chicago," they said when asked about performing in such a historic city for house music. Early in the interview they were quick to make it known they are not who they were five years ago. "I think G-house is dead," proclaimed Dance. "So we need to forget this word. It was 2011/2012 for us. It's like clothes. Do you want to wear the clothes that you used to wear 5 years ago?" he asked with a smile.  They both made it very clear that while the style of music may still be successful in other parts on the world, G-house (that's gangsta house for the uninformed) was simply a thing of the past for them for a number of reasons. While some of the downfall of G-House could just be attributed to its quick rise in popularity and inevitable over-saturation (complete with G-House sample packs), they also shared the different names that emerged for it over the years. In Brazil, G-House was rebranded to "Brazilian Bass" and the duo refers to Dirtybird's distictive vibe as booty house. "When we started, there was hip hop samples and house samples," but as Amine worded ever so Frenchly, "it got pretty crap." If you're following Amine Edge & Dance on Soundcloud (and you should be), you know they are regularly posting live recordings of their sets, and it doesn't take much to tell that each is different. “We don't want people to put us in a case, y’know? Because we can do all kinds of music. We can do some hip hop, we can do some techno, we can do some house - we can do anything. So...we do what we like,” explained Dance. When I asked what was next for their label in the coming year, they responded, "We are a small family - we can’t sign 100 tracks a year. We've stopped signing new tracks for one year now. We see the future.” Releases on the label have been scheduled a year in advance, leaving them both free to pursue other interests, including production of the acid-Techno EP "Fuck Your Opinion" on German label Desolat. Other ventures include a song for Brodinski's new rap mixtape Slimeball and a new show on Rinse FM called "Something Else." It is evident that Amine Edge & Dance have changed with the times and they can no longer be held to outdated standards. When it comes to the music they shared, “We don't have a plan, we make music depending on the mood. We even have some cheesy pop tracks. Some artists have a structure, we don’t. We make music from the heart. [caption id="attachment_39161" align="aligncenter" width="169"]img_6565 Yours truly with Amine Edge & Dance[/caption]
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