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Rebecca & Fiona - Bullets (Official Video)

Monday, June 18, 2012
Daniel Taibleson

[youtube id="T-xxw0UYLWk" width="620" height="360"] Ok, I get it, Rebecca and Fiona are hot chicks, but this video, is umm, just bad? It's like they went for the sexy vibe but didn't commit all the way, and then turned into a walk at a carnival/cupcake binge eating session. I'm not sure if the director was going for some type of artful juxtaposition between skinny girls and cupcakes but the video as a whole seems to lack a specific style. It's a chill song and I always give females props for making big plays, but I had a hard time watching the whole thing. Can't win em all, keep up the good work ladies. They kill it live, see below for tour dates. Here's what they had to say about the video.... The video, shot on location in Copenhagen, Denmark, depicts the Nordic electronic duo at their most mischievous yet, while highlighting some of the city’s incredible architecture.  “Bullets” is available now for viewing and reposting at: “It was great to make another video with our close friend Laerke, who also did the ‘Dance’ video. She is a rising star in this business and so nice and fun to work with. Together we wanted to show a day in the fantasy life of REBECCA & FIONA but in a screwed up way,” says the pair.  “Laerke picked out the coolest locations and we're happy to present the works of the Danish architect Arne Jacobsson once again in our video." REBECCA & FIONA’s “Bullets” is available now at iTunes:

Catch REBECCA & FIONA on tour:

Wed 6/20 Miami, FL Mansion
Thurs 6/21 New York, NY LAVO
Sat 6/23 Las Vegas, NV Marquee, DC
Sat 6/23 Albuquerque, NM SWW
Mon 6/25 Las Vegas, NV Marquee, NC
Sun 7/1 Ottawa, ON Escapade Music Festival
Tue 7/3 Las Vegas, NV LAVO
Wed 7/11 Chicago, IL Studio Paris
Thu 7/12 San Diego, CA Fluxx
Fri 7/13 Las Vegas, NV Marquee, DC
Fri 7/13 Phoenix, AZ Wild Knight
Sat 7/14 San Francisco, CA Ruby Skye
Sun 7/15 Las Vegas, NV Marquee, DC
Fri 8/3 Las Vegas, NV Marquee, NC
Sat 8/4 Las Vegas, NV Marquee, DC
Sun 8/5 Miami, FL Set
Fri 8/10 Las Vegas, NV Marquee, NC

*Additional dates to be added *DC notes day club. *NC notes night club.