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I'm in Love with these 6 HAIM Remixes

Monday, April 07, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

3 jewish girls that play their own instruments and write their own songs? It was really only a matter of time before this trio of best friends and sisters broke through to reach mainstream success. I spent a saturday afternoon watching interviews with the girls and the crazy thing is...They're truthfully best friends. I can only imagine what it would feel like to attain such a high level of success with your siblings AND have a good time doing it. It was refreshing and contagious to see stars so happy and down to earth. Check out this interview they did with Coup De Main Magazine. Now! Onwards, to the remixes! I've been combing Soundcloud for the last week or two looking for the best HAIM remixes. I tried to select songs that represented different genres and portrayed the original in a completely new way. And to be honest, I got most of these remixes from the girls official Soundcloud, how cool is that they show these artists love and post the tracks? But of course, Duke Dumont and Cyril Hahn's are the best. Listen and comment on your favorite below!



1) Haim - If I Could Change (MK Regrets Dub)

2) If I Could Change Your Mind (Cerrone Funk Mix)

3) HAIM - Falling (Duke Dumont Remix)

4) HAIM - Falling (Psychemagik Remix)

5) HAIM - If I Could Change Your Mind (Delorean Remix)

6) HAIM - Don't Save Me - (Cyril Hahn Remix)

[Tweet "I'm obsessed with these @HAIMTheBand Remixes "] Anyone out there have a remix they want us to add to this list? I'm dying to listen. Send them to us here!

Who is HAIM?

Haim (pronounced /haɪm/ to rhyme with "time") is an American rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California.The band consists of sisters Este Arielle (born March 14, 1986), Danielle Sari (born February 16, 1989) and Alana Mychal Haim (born December 15, 1991) along with drummer Dash Hutton, son of Danny Hutton and previously a member of the bands Wires on Fire and Slang Chicken. Most frequently compared to Fleetwood Mac, Haim's sound has been described as "nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B" and "music that sounds like it was written on a lakeside retreat attended by Stevie Nicks, John Waite and En Vogue". The band played at the 2013 Glastonbury festival, earned a top ranking in BBC's Sound of 2013 poll, and later signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation management group. [source: HIAM Wikipedia]