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Rüfüs -- Atlas: A Winter Album Destined for Summer

Friday, April 11, 2014
Ben Morris

rufus [funky_divider]

Rüfüs is Australia’s answer to English deep house/garage sensation Disclosure, and their chill vibes are reaching into spring to pull everyone out of these winter deep freeze blues. Although released in October, Rüfüs’ debut album exudes the summer warmth of Australia. The band doesn’t try to complicate their sounds; overhype their delivery; or sell what they’re playing. Rather, they let simple synths, soft keys, and smooth percussion orchestrate the ooze of their sound. Atlas is one of the most complete albums to be released since 2013’s Settle. The beautiful thing about the album is how it stands complete as one body of work, yet at the same time each song represents a fractal of the whole perfectly placed alone. Mirroring the body, this album is a perfect listen with a group of friends or alone in the happy place between a pair of headphones. The liquid grace of each song perfectly represents Australia’s laid-back, humble, not-trying-too-hard, goldilocks-just-right vibe. As I mentioned before, the album is not just a one-hit-wonder 99¢ a la carte iTunes album and should be listened to at-first with a full 51 minutes of attention to dissect each beat, but some crescendos for me are:

Desert Night

Desert Night is a hypnotizing song with a build-up from beautifully-crafted arpeggiated chords that might remind you of deadmau5’s early hits with a future-garage twist. The music video had me doing the silly dance they do in the video and made me think this album was made for the movie, Lost in Translation.


Tonight is a synth-pop swing on Haddaway’s “What Is Love,” and I mean that in the least cheesy way possible. The flange of synthesizers left me bobbing my head back and forth until the connection to the 90’s came forward.

Take Me

I love the bright keys that are layered on top of the atmosphere of sweeps and fills in this one. The music video is pretty interesting and looks like a stop motion take on Windows Vista wallpapers, using household products like broccoli and aluminum foil. If you’re a fan of Parachute Youth, Safia, Example, or The Aston Shuffle, this band will definitely dominate your playlist for some time.