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Powers's Sunset Remix is an Instant Classic

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Nolan Oribello

From Beach to Bedroom

Powers720x405 I fell in love with the Powers Sunset version of Classic as soon as it started playing. It was an unexpected departure and hands-down the standout remix of the song. While The Knocks's infectious, upbeat tune clings to the remnants of last summer's beach parties, Powers Sunset seductively saunters into the candle-lit settings of intimacy. This is one you'll definitely want to listen to with that special someone.

The Knocks - Classic (Powers Sunset Version)

"...and I know we have it, 'cause it feels, yeah it feels, it feels so classic."
The LA/NYC duo, whose production and vocals are featured on the original, strip the track down--pun intended. The re-sung vocals are naked and vulnerable, complemented with sensual percussions and a soft piano transforming the tone, mood, and ultimately the song. The lyrics are alive in a whole new way, conveying a completely different message while remaining syntactically the same. Undeniably one of the sexiest tracks I've heard all year; considering the content I've posted, that's as high a compliment as any.