Autograf – Future Tropical. Issue 3

Autograf are back at it with a remix of Corbu‘s “Neon Hallway.” This is the third installment of their wildly successful “Future Tropical” series, which includes remixes of “Team,” and “Beware the Dog.”

When you click play below, try closing your eyes.

…imagine a rainforest somewhere deep in South America. Now picture a warrior, lets call him ZHU. He’s decked out in tribal paint and carrying a giant spear. He hears the faint echo of tropical house permeating through the dense underbrush, quickly grabs his pike, and dives into the jungle. After moments of searching, he arrives at a watering hole, and sees hundreds of thousands of fish (soundcloud followers) gathering around a Norwegian creature. The Kygo, fresh off its first original release, appears timid & vulnerable, unsure how to quell his hoard of minnows. It slowly pivots, locking eyes with the hunter…

The first time I listened to Autograf‘s artful rework, the scene above is all I could think about. Do yourself a favor, embrace the future of house and listen below.

Corbu – Neon Hallway (Autograf Remix)

Chris Bergin

Chris Bergin

Self-proclaimed music aficionado and aspiring DJ / Producer. Known for his love affair with the auxiliary cord, this native of Virginia considers his taste in music undoubtedly better than yours.
Chris Bergin
- 3 weeks ago
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