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"Moment Goes" - All Gold feat. The Young Wild

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Brandon Dorsky

Rising producer All Gold delivered an anthemic energy builder with "Moment Goes" featuring poppy, party vocals from San Diego indie darlings The Young Wild. In the depths of the track, it feels and sounds much more like the perfect music for a Las Vegas club than a composition created, in part, by an emerging indie rock act. The drop is precipitated by the airy, hopeful lyrics and hook of The Young Wild before All Gold backs them up with quintessential big room sonics to compliment the build that climaxes with the lyrics "for now, not forever."  Play ALL GOLD OFFICIAL All Gold ft The Young Wild - Moment Goes As long as you've got this song at your finger tips for those times when you just want to raise your hands up, you'll be ready for wherever and whenever the moment goes ....