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7 Minutes Dead is the Perfect Divide in EDM

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Just wow. Fresh off his newest EP Mirai Sekai alongside Varien, Monstercat’s Texas native 7 Minutes Dead is back with another indie dance masterpiece dubbed “The Divide.” With complex rhythms and melodies, the 26 year old creates a tune that reminds me of Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack. You better get your shoes on; he’s taking you on an adventure.

7 Minutes Dead – The Divide

The quick arpeggio notes makes the tune sound faster than it is as Alex (7 Minutes Dead) adds in haunting vocals creating an airy and light feel. The melody is complex combining many different instruments and sounds that will take your entire attention to grab every minute detail of the song. I’ve listened to this song over 5 times already and I experience something new every time I press play. 7 Minutes Dead The Divide Artwork As electronic music continues to expand, it is refreshing to hear artists like 7 Minutes Dead continue to explore deeper into the genre rather than staying stagnant. So many artists find a sound that sells and never evolve. What would have happened if AC/DC or Led Zeppelin never pushed the rock boundaries and stuck with the sound popularized by The Beatles? What about Tupac and Biggie Smalls in rap? Electronic music is struggling with this. How can we move past Big Room or Progressive House? With artists like 7 Minutes Dead though, I have hope for the future of the genre. Alex (7 Minutes Dead) is a 26 year old Dallas native that continues to blow everyone’s minds including his label, Monstercat. Check out his SoundCloud for his full discography and check out his Facebook and Twitter to keep up with him. Purchase “The Divide” now from iTunes and enjoy the indie dance tune!