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Pylot Gives Us “Flashbacks” to Tron’s Soundtrack

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Indie Dance. Synthwavey. Tron. Some Knight Rider shit. Which one do you think “Flashbacks" sounds most like? Whichever genre this has, I want more of it. We return to the world of Pylot, who now has found an engagement ring inside his mysterious jacket. Entry Two Pylot Flashbacks After waking up with no knowledge of who he or she was in “After Dark,” Pylot started riding the motorcycle which had a license plate of the same name. As Pylot drives, vivid images fill the eyes and mind with more questions than answers as “Flashbacks” is played out. I am left with no answers and more questions such as, who is this Pylot? What is this engagement ring? Where did he get that bike? Why is this track so awesome?

Pylot - Flashbacks

In “Flashbacks” we are met with a Daft Punk-esque sound, almost like a heavier “Tron: Legacy” remix. Maybe the tune should be considered for the next Tron movie? The drop takes you from The Grid to the dance floor as the melody incorporates a kick for the ages. The music alone should grab your attention, let alone the puzzling story of who Pylot is. Hold on tight guys, we are in for an experience as Pylot continues to take my breath away with each new track he releases. I can only imagine what we are in for in #EntryThree. What will Pylot discover next? Keep track of Pylot’s stories on his Facebook and new music on his SoundCloud, you won’t want to miss this scintillating story.