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Glass Animals Takes Us To The Alternative Side

Monday, April 20, 2015
Matthew Jager

Today's electronic music world is all about the big EDM bangers, the massive drops, and the deep house grooves. These styles cover only a fraction of the amazing music being produced these days, and with artists such as ODESZA and Slow Magic gaining such popularity, the world is finally ready for something alternative from the main stream party music; something to turn down to, while still incorporating the dance vibes we all love. Glass Animals aims to be that something. Their debut album Zaba has a laid back groove to it, mixing an atmospheric tones with slick tribal drum beats and dreamlike vocals to create an sound unlike any other. Their album has the similar feel as most alternative electronic music does, and has a more rhythmic vibe to is similar to the drum oriented productions of Slow Magic, but where I feel Glass Animals really stands apart is their tribal drum lines and vocals. Each track has a life of its own while keeping a similar laid back yet energetic vibe. It is the type of music you can just get lost in and enjoy the ride. Glass Animals' music is perfect for those just looking to unwind, take the load off your  your feet, and settle down for a mid afternoon nap. It is blissful and serene while having playful beats and melodic vocals, perfect for anyone looking to relax. Their full album can be streamed on Spotify or via their website (links below). They are currently touring and will be playing at many festivals and venues over the coming months. I would highly recommend catching them if you have the opportunity to give some diversity to your life and to just enjoy incredible music.

Glass Animals Album | Soundcloud | Tour Dates