Take a Hit Of ODESZA’s Love With Their Latest Remix

Seattle based production duo, ODESZA won’t stop, can’t stop lately. As we’ve asked before, “Do these guys ever sleep?” Once again, amidst the craziness that is their existence, these guys pump out another hit. This time around, Hayden James’s hit, “Something About You” is on the menu. Originally a sensual, funky, soulful, groove of a future hit, ODESZA flips it with style. The result is a beautiful,  serene, distinctly ODESZA track that will move you in the right direction. The most impressive feat they’ve managed here is creating a buoyant, lifting, sound that makes this remix sound nothing like the original; while still managing to make you feel the original vibe all the same. Both tracks are majestic in their own right, deserving multiple plays. Check them out back to back for the best effect.

Hayden James- Something About You (Original)



Hayden James- Something About You (ODESZA remix)

We understand if it’s difficult to choose you favorite version. We don’t judge, love them both the same and groove on.

Janessa Demeule

Janessa Demeule

Residing somewhere on a habitable rock floating in space, Janessa has chosen to accept the mission of spreading funky beats to the citizens of the world. A self-proclaimed audio addict and Guardian of the Groove, she can be seen wandering the streets in a state of trance. If you stop her, you might find yourself being submitted to the best trance, drum and bass, UK hardcore, and various mixtapes (to name a few). She is relentless in her desire to spread the musical love and earn her "mission accomplished" sticker.
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