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Experience Blurred Visions With Pylot's Latest Release

Monday, August 31, 2015
Janessa Demeule

Let's face it, with every one of Pylot's track releases; the artist's story only gets awesomer and awesomer as we fall down the rabbit hole. Or rather in this case, get hit over the head only to under go some "Blurred Vision". With this latest installment of the producers' journey (Which you can catch up on here and here) Pylot stops at a gas station that has been plaguing his mind for some time. As he approaches, he is hit with deja vu; memories flood back and some violent images warp into possible clues. [caption id="attachment_35004" align="aligncenter" width="436"]Who is Rico? What do these symbols mean? Why is the track so excellent? Who is Rico? What do these symbols mean? Why is the track so excellent?[/caption] As all this unfolds, the latest track is seedy and reminiscent of a mid-80's hacker movie soundtrack. As the synths pulsate we follow Pylot as he rides along, the gas station slowly approaching. As he pulls up there is a light reprieve from the intensity as memories make their way into his mind. The sawing synths halt as a short staccato pads airily control a few breaths of time before being plowed back into the Tron-esque intrigue of sound. As things pick back up, we can actually hear Pylot's mind churn as he tries to extrapolate new information from his discovery and feel his desire to pursue what it all means.

Pylot - Blurred Vision

As entry three comes to a end, the story of Pylot is nowhere near it's close. Who is Rico? What do these symbols mean? I guess it means we'll have to wait until entry four and we hopefully hit the city running.