Prime your Face for this new Young Bombs

Last night, I experienced an amazing feeling.  I was emotionally  crippled by the music gods, in good will too.

This track has been soaring through my head all night.  It’s magical and catchy instrumentals compliment and amplify pop singer/soon to be household name, Fletcher’s vocals perfectly.

“When our manager first sent us this track, we knew it was something we HAD to remix, and fell in love with it instantly,” Young Bombs tells OTB.

It’s surely not the typical Young Bombs we know through their progressive sounds, but the duo have proven to tackle a variety of genres in the past, and here is yet another!

Warning: Exposing yourself to this infectious and catchy chune can lead to an unhealthy addiction.

Fletcher – War Paint (Young Bombs Remix) 

Gabby Espinet

Gabby Espinet

Growing up in northern New Jersey, near NYC, has heavily exposed me to my true passion; music. Uncovering new tracks is my guilty pleasure and I feel that sharing them with the world is my duty.
Gabby Espinet
- 16 hours ago
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