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One Mistake Rookie DJs Should Avoid To Get DJ Gigs

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Casie Millhouse

If you are headed to a club or bar you are desperately wanting to land that DJ gig at with a demo mix CD in hand… whatever you do…. don’t give it to the DJ who is spinning… EVER! Yes, to you it seems like a good idea giving it to someone who might enjoy it. But, this very day, you’ll see why giving your precious demo mix CD to the working DJ can DEMOLISH your chances of ever landing a DJ gig. And more important – I’ll show you what to do instead.

Why You Should Never Give Your Mixed Demo CD To A Working DJ To Get DJ Gigs

Let’s think about this in another industry, shall we? Let’s say you are a web-designer, so you go to a website and find the webmaster and send them an email with all of your information and pitch them your design mock up of the site. Now, I see two things happening here: /doh 1. The receiver of this message is going to put that sucker in the trash right away, even if it is good. Thinking to themselves, “WTF, this guy is asking me for my job!” OR 2. They are going to take your work and call it their own. Same exact thing is going to happen when you give that sweet mix of yours to the working DJ, the truth hurts...doesn’t it? So, the numbing question here is “What can I do to get myself a DJ gig at this place if I can’t give my mix to the DJ?”

Here’s What To Do Instead

Instead of giving your demo mixed CD to the person whose job you essentially want to take, give it to the person who hires them. When you arrive to the venue take your time to get a drink, observe the crowd and take in what vibe the place emits. From there, when you ask for the manager you can show off what you know of the venue. Let him/her know you are a DJ and ask if there is any way you could help bring up a slower night. So what’s the big takeaway from this: Don’t blatantly try to steal another DJ’s gig. You’ll be denied right out and probably never, ever get that DJ gig. Now that you’re done with this article, whew, I want you to do two things: 1. Leave a comment telling me about that DJ gig you’ve been dying to get… but haven’t got yet. 2. Do you have a friend that is stuck in the “I just can’t get a DJ gig” trap? Share this article with them.