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How To Get A Promoter To Listen To Your Demo Mix

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Casie Millhouse

She is unattainable. She holds the key to the temple. If you could just get one blip in time and space, you know you can give it to her. And, give it to her GOOD. Get your mind out of the gutter because we're not talking about bumpin' uglies, we're talking about you getting DJ gigs.

To get gigs, you've got to get your music heard by a key person.

It may be a he, but let's call her a she, shall we. She runs the nights by booking the DJs, invites V.I.P.'s, sets the guest lists not to mention finds the janitor when that one chick who found out her boyfriend was cheating on her last Tuesday, puked just to the left of the DJ booth. Her work is simple, direct and to the point. She get's flooded with company emails and un-solicited emails every hour of the day and night.

So here's what you've got to do to make sure your music is heard.

Step 1: Personally meet her OR get yourself a really good introduction e-mail. Step 2: Create a demo mix specifically for her venue or one of her nights. Step 3: Upload it to your preferred choice of streaming avenues. Step 4: Email her and let her know you made a special mix that you think would fit the venue/party. You also ask her for feedback on it, to see if you understand what she is looking for in a DJ for her nights. You see, the key here is to not come off as someone who is begging her for a gig. You are just someone looking for feedback and wanting to know her thoughts. People always love to give their opinion or advice, especially us women.

Now, here's what I want you do to.

In the comments below, tell me where you really want to get a gig and share what you think you'll have to do in that mix to really get what it takes to DJ there.

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