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What is Your DJ Blog Really About?

Are you hoping to fill up Google results page one with your DJ name? Sure, having your own DJ blog will help. Maybe the search shows your music on Soundcloud. Maybe the search shows your music on Mixcloud. Or maybe the search shows your Youtube channel where you attempted to upload some new music but the copyright laws prevented such uploads and your channel is completely blank. This is the reality of the internet and life. The question is, when these sources aren't telling people who you are and what you do, what should you do?

You can let it drive you bonkers...

...or as the experts say, "You can just let it go and move on."

But that's HARD. 

That's why, if you've ever struggled with getting people to notice you, then you're going to love this strategy.

It's called the Shout-Out Strategy.

It's about turning your DJ blog into a promotional tool and opening eyes to bigger DJs that you admire. Essentially, it is making a list of awesome people in a post on your DJ blog and showing them props. It works because people love to see their names across different platforms around the internet. How to do the Shout-Out Strategy?

Step 1. Come up with the title of your post.

Example: 10 EDM Producers From LA You Need to Know 13 Old School DJs Still Killing It 25 Female Visionary DJs You Need to Know

Step 2. Write the post.

Include links, pictures, embedded soundcloud, buy links of their latest tracks and make it a mix of people you know and people you would like to get to know. Encourage people to share the post on social media.

Step 3. Post it, send it out on all social media.

On Facebook and Twitter, add an @mention. On Google plus add a + with everyone in the post.

Step 4. Email everyone you mentioned and ask for nothing.

One quick line or two will do the trick. Bigger name DJs have managers, PR agents on the receiving end of most emails so you don't want to go into much about you as this is all about them. You will get so much more if you don't ask for a darn thing. Just thank them, send the link.

Step 5. Interacting.

You will get comments, re-tweets and mentions. Make sure you respond to them. Follow the steps, put in the work and just have fun with this strategy. As a special bonus for reading this article, I've put together a template for you to do your very own Shout-Out. Download yours here.  So now, after reading this what are your thoughts on the real reason to have a DJ blog? I would love to hear your comments below.

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