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One on One with Jerry Wang

Thursday, December 20, 2012


This week OTB caught up with one of Seattle’s most versatile Djs for a Q&A before he shipped off to the city of sin for a highly anticipated set at MGM grand’s ‘Tabu.’ Get to know our dear friend and Rich Kids Brands very own, JERRY WANG. :-)

Here's some background music for the Q&A, Jerry Wang's latest mix on Seattle's c.89.5 

OTB: What’s your preferred set up in the booth?

J-WANG:  I really don’t have a preference.  I’ve learned to use booth CDJs and Turntables, I can work with either. As for mixers… it's unusual among DJs but I prefer Allen & Heath because their sound quality is unmatched!

OTB: How do you think your childhood roots in Dance music and your exposure to alternative music scene in Seattle have influenced you as an artist?

J-WANG:  I actually grew up in Tokyo so when I moved back to Seattle in high school, the alternative music scene really got me hooked on rock music and other genres including metal, classic, etc... This influenced my appreciation for the drum & bass genre specifically.

OTB: Which DJs/Producers would you say have been the biggest influence on your style over the years?

J-WANG:  There are a handful of experienced and veteran DJs in Seattle that have been a big influence on my DJing style over the years. Just to name a few DJs: Kutt, Flave, and Tre have taught me so much about turntablism, scratching, and unique ways of mixing music that can take a DJ from ordinary to extraordinary! These guys have extraordinary talents on the turntables! 

I learned how to format my sets and crowd read from Sean Majors, Marty Mar, Guy, Spam I Am and Hyperfunk. Without their influence, I wouldn't be holding down dance floors, getting crowds jumping and throwing their hands in the air! I learned from the best.

OTB: Thoughts on Dubstep? 

J-WANG:  It's all about trap now. Dubstep was so last year bro.

OTB: Any shows coming up that you are particularly excited to play?

J-WANG:  I'm playing at Tabu in the MGM in Las Vegas this Saturday night Dec. 22nd. It's going to be an incredible party!

OTB: When was the last time you went to Vegas? Is this your first performance?

J-WANG:  Last time i was in vegas, I had the privilege of DJing during the Magic Marketplace Convention in the Aria hotel's Deuce Lounge with Rich Kids Brand hosting the party.

OTB: Favorite hotel in Vegas? Why?

J-WANG:  Treasure Island... even though I've never actually stayed there! Why? because when I was a kid I always dreamed of becoming a pirate so T.I. brings back some fond childhood memories.

OTB: In regards to new gig at c89, why else should people listen to c 89?" Like be specific? Aside from your new monday morning mixshow on C89.5, why else should people listen to C89.5?

J-WANG:  Very few cities across the country offer stations that play a similar format. Seattle is blessed to have a station dedicated to electronic dance music! The station offers a lot some incredible DJ mixshows including the long time running Nocturnal Transmission hosted by DJ Tamm. I've been a listener and fan of Tamm's trance show for about 8 years! Another noteworthy mixshow is Save the Wave hosted by DJ Trent Von which is dedicated to 80s and new wave music! It was actually this mixshow that got me supporting C89.5's pledge drive and delving deeper into music.

OTB: If you could have any DJ residency in the world, where would it be?

J-WANG:  Tokyo! I miss Japan... :( I played in Tokyo for New Year's Eve a couple years back and the crowd's energy was incredible! Everything about Tokyo is incredible... the food, the people, the culture, everything!

OTB: Where do you want to retire? Why?

J-WANG:  I think I'd be happy here in Seattle. I like the fresh air, Seahawks, UW, the food, etc... My other choice would be San Francisco. Their chinatown is massive!

OTB: Toilet paper roll: over the top or over the bottom?

J-WANG:  Haha. Either way as long as it's stocked.

OTB: Hemi engine or Hybrid engine?

J-WANG:  Hybrid.

OTB: If you had the ability to give a person who has been deaf all their life the ability to hear one song... what would it be?

J-WANG:  Pendulum - The Island. I think this has got to be one of the most beautiful tracks I've heard in a while. Rob Swire's voice is incredible!

OTB: Chocolate or vanilla?

J-WANG:  Vanilla for sure.

OTB: Whose your favorite female DJ/producer?

J-WANG:  I'm a fan of DJ Girl 6's video remixes.

OTB: Is there anything else you would like to say to you fans? 

J-WANG:  Thank you for all your support and I would not be where I am today without you guys.


Also check out Jerry's trip to Scottsdale, AZ for his gig at Axis Radius Nightclub...

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Wang will be playing at @TabuVegas this coming Saturday the 22nd. For more info, visit Tabu’s site or Jerry Wang’s site from the links below