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Behind The Beat | Sean Tyas Interview

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Daniel Taibleson

Sean Tyas A New York native now residing in Switzerland, Sean Tyas is one of the brightest new stars to rise from the trance scene in recent years. He first broke onto the scene when Sander van Doorn selected him winner of the 'Punk'd' remix competition, leading to the Discover label to sign up his early releases such as 'Lift' which captured the imagination of the trance community.

This proved to be the start of Sean Tyas emerging as one of the most talented and in demand producers in EDM today, having co-produced with Armin van Buuren on 'Intricacy', remixed the likes of 'Suburban Train' for Tiësto, 'Oceanic' for Above & Beyond and 'Waiting' for Dash Berlin, and today releasing on a range of leading trance labels such as Armada, Vandit, Anjunabeats and his own Tytanium Recordings, while simultaneously spreading his nu-school electro-tech sounds on sought after labels including Tone Diary and Burn The Fire.

Sean's meteoric rise has been reflected by various industry accolades such as five consecutive placings in the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs Poll, high rankings in the annual poll, as well as being awarded 'Best New Face' at the Trance Awards, Mixmag 'Best New DJs' and Beatport 'One To Watch', while also appearing on music industry panels such as the annual DJ Mag Tech Awards and being featured in leading producer publications Future Music and Computer Music.

Sean's in demand sounds are backed by a genuine love for his music and a clear passion for his fans, as evident when watching his dynamic energy on stage when DJing at any event. His festival appearances read like an A-Z of the greatest shows on the planet, including Trance Energy, Global Gathering, Nature One, Tomorrowland, Dance Valley, Mysteryland, Sunrise and A State Of Trance across Europe, then Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, South America Music Conference and Eurofest across North and South America, Music Conference Asia, plus leading international club brands such as Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Ministry Of Sound, Judgement Sundays and Privilege in Ibiza.

Sean spreads his sounds to a worldwide audience each week through his hugely popular Tytanium Sessions radio show that's available online, as a Podcast and syndicated to several leading FM stations internationally. The 150th Tytanium Sessions was broadcast in June 2012 and was accompanied by special Tytanium branded shows that weekend in Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa. 2012 has been Sean's busiest year yet for releases yet notable trance hits including the Giuseppe Ottaviani collaboration 'Arcobaleno' on Vandit, 'Take My Hand' feat. David Berkeley on Subculture, 'This Is The World' feat. LoFi Sugar on FSOE and remixes for Roger Shah and Ashley Wallbridge amongst others.  Sean has also been shaking up the electro and progressive charts with releases such as 'Leveled' on Burn The Fire and 'Diamondback' on Big Fish, while his Tytanium Recordings label returns in November with a new single from Sean Tyas & Julie Thompson entitled 'What I Am', plus several more exciting projects in the pipeline.

Behind The Beat With Sean Tyas

OTB: Originally from New York, you moved to Germany in 2004 before finally settling in down in Switzerland, which you now call home. What ignited your decision to move out of the US? Was it Bush’s re-election? Or had you simply lost your faith in the American music scene? If so, has it been restored? ST: Hahahah! None of that really. I simply had a nice offer to go work in a German studio (DJ Beam).  I had also never been to Europe either so it seemed like a cool offer to really experience something new! My faith in the American music scene is quite strong, as some of these events like Insomniac are putting on are really awe-inspiring. OTB: Now, to a topic that every DJ loves to discuss J This was your 5th year making the DJ Mag top 100 Poll, what does that mean to you? What do you think that says about the quality of your productions? And finally, what are you thoughts on the DJ Mag Top 100 poll? ST: I’m of course really proud to keep being voted in.  But I am realistic and I know damn well that I’m not better than people like Zabiela! I wish there was a more objective list to be honest.  I am really bored of the myriad of vote crap going on in the world. All this means is that I have more percentage of fans that actually get to vote! OTB:  ‘What Am I,” the track you recently released with Julie Thompson is massive! Not to mention the remixes done by Bryan Kearnney and Magnus. What was it like working with such an acclaimed EDM vocalist? ST: Solid! She was super easy and beyond professional!  I will be doing at least another project with Julie this year. OTB:  You have finished out the year with a few more releases, including your remix of Ashley Wallbridge’s ‘Keep The Fire’ and another vocal single called ‘The World,’ with Lofi Sugar providing a beautiful warm vocal top line. Do you prefer creating vocal tracks? Do you produce with the idea of a vocal in mind? Or do the vocals really come second to the creative concept of the track? ST: I think these days I have really started to enjoy vocals.  Maybe I am maturing, but yea it's quite nice to work with that human aspect. OTB: Someone on the YouTube video for ‘What Am I’ commented: “I miss the old Sean Tyas.” If you could talk directly to this fan, what would you say to them about the progression of you sound? ST: I’d say “good, go listen to him, one can always do so”.  Everyone always misses the “old” everything. We all do it.  I miss the old NES and Sega games, but the new games are amazing.  People , ESPECIALLY trance fans, do not like change.  They (and I was especially, so I really understand the mindset) fight against it and automatically everything that they are not into “is shit”.  Pretty fucking horrible way to live.  I finally opened up my mind and its awesome, I was going miserable making the same formula for so long, it needed to evolve. OTB: We’re super excited about the 200th episode celebration of Titanium Sessions coming in 2013, your podcast that can be downloaded and subscribed to via itunes. Can you tell us a little bit about what you will be doing to celebrate? Will there be any special shows for the fans? ST: Of course, we're just now in the early stages of planning out which cities we'll be playing in and of course which other DJ's will be in attendance!  And as far as shows go, I'll probably stream at least 1 full event and then record the other/s to turn into podcast specials.  Should be a really fun couple of weeks (ah yea there’s a hint, it will not be only on one week) OTB:  Walk us through a normal day in the life of Sean Tyas. Are you constantly in the studio? Or do you feel that your creativity comes in more sporadic doses, brought on by outside inspiration? ST: I wake up between 5am and 6am every morning that I am home. And hit the studio for an hour or two, usually to do mundane things like make new patches, listen to promos and demos, and do emails.  Then around 8 my daughters wake up so its family breakfast time.  After that its work time again till the standard 12 noon lunch. Then I will go back to the studio to push it until roughly 6pm.  It's actually a very standard office work day, not the traditional nocturnal DJ day.  I like daylight.  Creativity only comes to me then, as well as the ability to think!  I’m tired at night. OTB:  Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us and answer our questions! We are huge fans of all the new releases and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2013! Any final words for you fans? ST: Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts and answers! I ramble on at times so thanks for sticking with it!