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Behind The Beat | Deniz Koyu Interview

Thursday, February 21, 2013
Daniel Taibleson

DK_PRESS_SHOT-2Just hours after rocking a sold out South Beach Miami crowd into the wee hours of Friday morning, German-Turkish DJ and producer Deniz Koyu and his “Generation Wild” tour made a pit stop in New York at the upstate concert hall in Albany. Already well known for huge original tracks such as 'Tung!' and ‘Hertz,’ and chart-topping remixes for the likes of Miike Snow, Zedd and Digitalism, Deniz had a major breakout year in 2012, being named an EDM artist to watch by MTV. Their prediction was spot-on. Mr. Koyu has recieved the tip of the hat from some of dance music's most seasoned veterans, such as Fedde Le Grand, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South, and John Dahlback.

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Only The Beat recently sat down with Turkish-German house sensation Deniz Koyu after his “Generation Wild” tour stop in Albany, New York:

OTB: Deniz, you are currently amidst a major U.S tour – the “Generation Wild” tour with Danny Avila. How has this been for you, and how does a tour like this in the U.S match up to those over in Europe? What are the different cultures like? Deniz: Well I always put it in a simple way, here in the states you actually have the “RAVE” culture going on a lot right now which is not happening in Europe for example. It’s different because here the hype is just really really big. You have all of these college kids here who are really into this music, these are the "raver" kids –they're so much fun to play for! In Europe, it’s different. There’s a long tradition of electronic dance music, it’s always been there, and it will always be there but the hype isn’t as big as here in the U.S; the excitement isn’t that big. Maybe people are a bit more over saturated and you don’t have these Raver kids like you have here. OTB: Deniz, when I initially saw the “Generation Wild” tour schedule, I saw that you guys would make a stop here in Albany tonight, but you were playing LIV Miami Beach last night. What’s it like playing at two very different places like that in back to back nights? Deniz: Well the thing is I have played LIV Miami a couple of times before. I’ve been in Miami many times, been to New York many times, many of the big cities. It's new for me to come to some smaller cities with a college crowd but I really think both are great. I don’t say that I prefer one or this is better or this is worse, no – not at all. It’s great to come to new places, connect with new fans – you know, they’ve never seen me play which is what’s great. OTB: Well Deniz, with that said, do you see more of a growing market within the electronic dance music industry for tour stops and shows much like “Generation Wild” in non-major metropolitan areas like this where a lot of colleges are around? Deniz: Yeah, Yeah – definitely because right now EDM is very commercial, it’s also being played on the radio. That means that also people in the smaller cities get access to it. What else, sometimes you get the fact that the scene is only happening in the big cities; but now, because it’s commercial the scene is also reaching out to the smaller cities. OTB: Naturally we're big fans of yours here at OTB. We know that you were working extremely hard in the studio in 2012. You collaborated with the likes of Dirty South & Fedde Le Grand and remixed tracks by Digitalism, Zedd and Miike Snow. You’ve managed to make a big name for yourself with an innovative sound yet you’ve shown that you don’t always solely stick to that sound – you’ve shown that you can branch off and do unique things. Given your ability to show your fans this talent, who and what is your inspiration in the studio or when making a track? Deniz: Ok, inspiration for me if I look really back from the start I think, in the very beginning my first inspiration ever was Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones-produced albums – that’s the first stuff, I got really hooked for it…but that’s if I go really far back! I then would say probably Daft Punk for sure – big inspiration for me. Then after that next level would be like when I was 17-18 years old – guys like Axwell, Eric Prydz, Sebastian Ingrosso and John Dahlback – all these guys. OTB: You recently collaborated with one of my favorite artists in the game, Dirty South, on a track called “HALO”. Anyone who follows you and Dirty South on Twitter may have seen the picture taken of the two of you in Dirty South’s studio with some type of object hovering over your head.  What’s it like collaborating with a talent like Dirty South, and how did you come up with the name “HALO”? Deniz: Ha-ha well the title comes really from this picture because just like for fun he was holding something on top of my head and I was like hang on a second – we could call the track “HALO” and it's four letters again! You know I stick to my songs with four letters… OTB: You certainly do! We were just getting to saying that your most recent track is yet another four letter banger from the Koyu camp. Deniz: Yes–and working together with Dragan was really really fun. He’s such a nice guy, very very talented.  We met up in the studio three times I think – once in London, twice in LA and we worked back and forth with email in between so it was a lot of fun. What I personally really really like about this collaboration is that we manage to melt both our styles together into one track. OTB: I couldn’t agree more. Being a big fan of both yourself and Dragan it was a happy day when we found out your sounds would be coming together! A few months back you started your own Sirius XM radio show called “Bongbastic.” It's a great show, and one of the specific things we like about it personally is that there is virtually no dialogue and it's structured almost like a DJ set, even complete with new personal Deniz Koyu edits each month. What is that like for you, and how has it helped your exposure here in the United States? Deniz: It’s something that is very new for me because I never did a radio show before and it's really great for me because people listen to it on Sirius XM, and then after I can put it on my soundcloud. There’s really a lot of attention and exposure on it so it’s really great for me because I really enjoy doing it, it’s really fun actually. I really like to do these edits and mash-ups and while I like to play originals, I really like to play the unique stuff, it’s really fun! OTB: Deniz, one last question and we will let you go! In a few weeks the entire electronic music industry is going to be swarming down to Miami. We know that you will once again be playing the famous Ultra Music Festival both the first and second weekend, but house heads like us were hoping to see you spin at more of an intimate venue. Do you have any additional plans for Miami Music Week that you can share with us? J Deniz: I do I do – I’m doing many shows that week, the problem is I think (pause) – I think I can’t announce any of them yet! I can tell you when you stop the mic, when you stop the recording – then I can tell you! OTB: ha-ha well let’s get this interview over with then! Deniz, thanks for taking some time to chat with us for a few minutes – it’s truly been a pleasure. Great set tonight and we look forward to catching up with you in Miami in a few weeks! [youtube id="XaTMKaSSYbY" width="620" height="360"]       And FYI – we're not telling either!