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Behind The Beat: X5IGHT

Monday, March 11, 2013
Daniel Taibleson

We love promoting new artists here at OTB so when we came across this new U.S.-based duo called X5IGHT we jumped on the opportunity to sit down and chat with them about their music. Brandon and Jerry have both been producing individually for several years, and decided in November 2012, to put their knowledge and talents together. They're very “X5IGHTED” to release their debut EP on iTunes and Beatport in Early 2013.Hit play on the Soundcloud player below and buckle in for some Electro House while you learn a little more about the guys. OTB: You plan to release your debut EP here in the spring. Could you give us any insight on the release such as your main goals behind the EP, what genre(s) are incorporated, and how long it has taken to complete the EP? Jerry: The main goal is to grab the crowd’s attention and to give them something new/different/unique to listen to so that they enjoy it as much as we do. We have some progressive house, dutch house, electro, also some tribal tracks. We have been working on this EP for about 5-6 months now so it’ a pretty big deal to us. Brandon:  I think we’re definitely moving towards finding our sound and “niche” with this EP.  Since it’s our debut release, we aren’t really sure what people will think of our music, so we’re trying to put our passion and creativity into a wide variety of tracks to see what our fans grab onto!  We truly do appreciate all genres of music, and the diversity on our EP is a direct result of that.  I like to think of this EP as a way to “test the waters” and discover what “style” best fits us moving forward! OTB: Both of you are currently located in different states.  How has this affected your producing efforts? Jerry: Most people think the reason why it’s taking us so long to release this EP is because we are located in different states, but the distance actually isn’t much of an issue. Having all of these video chat appointments makes things work very well. Therefore, I would say it’s not something that’s really affected us negatively. Of course it would be nice to be able to produce in the same room, but with school it’s very hard to do that since we are 5 hours apart. Brandon: Quite honestly, it hasn’t been too detrimental to our producing efforts.  We always send files through Facebook and Skype to show each other our progress.  After not seeing Jerry for months, it can be very motivating and rewarding to finally sit down with him and produce together! OTB: Since both of you are from Chicago, has that had any influence on the style of music you produce?  Who or what has had an influence on the sound of X5IGHT? Jerry: I wouldn’t say that it influences our sound so much.  However, being here in Chicago and having the opportunity to see the bigger DJs/producers strolling by is a nice thing to have because you can go out and experience them performing live which for me is a big influence and motivation towards producing something that says the name “X5IGHT” when people hear our music. Overall it’s the performances I see that influence me the most. Brandon:  Personally, I wouldn’t say that Chicago has directly had a huge impact on our music style; however, the city has provided so much for us along the way.  We’ve had the opportunity to work with so many amazing and supportive people from the city who’ve helped us grow immensely over the past year.  Chicago has given us so much, and we are really X5IGHTED to be booking some big shows in our hometown this spring/summer!   OTB: What is your biggest goal or dream that you hope to accomplish throughout your music career? Jerry: To accomplish my goal that I have set, because without having/setting a goal you’ll never get to be what you want to be. My goal is to share my love for the genre of music, which we create, so that people say, “Wow that’s really good or wow that is X5IGHT’s sound right there” or something along those lines. My main dream is to play on the same stage as all of the artists I have seen that have been my inspiration. Possibly party with them one day! Brandon: My biggest goal is to sell out a national headlining tour!  It would be incredible to have that kind of support from all over the country!  Secondly, I’d love to have the opportunity to perform across the world.  Places like Ibiza and Australia have always been on my “wishlist”, and it would be so amazing to experience the different cultures around the world! OTB: Many artists have their own headlining tour.  For example, Deniz Koyu and Danny Avila recently had the Generation Wild Tour.  Describe what exactly you want your first headlining tour to look like. Jerry: Our first tour…I’d LOVE to go to certain cities where our #1 fans are to show them love and support and to actually meet with them and thank them personally for being a fan of ours. It’s not about playing in a big city for me, but it’s more about playing where we have more fans that enjoy our style of music. Brandon: I definitely agree with Jerry!  We have had some EXTREMELY supportive fans from all over the country, and it would be an awesome “thank you” to stop and perform in their city!  I’d also love to setup a really unique show production to give our fans an unforgettable experience! [youtube id="O8BKLkOplH4" width="620" height="360"] OTB: Since the electronic dance music market is currently becoming so over-saturated with DJs and producers it makes it challenging for some artists to get their name out there.  What has been your strategic marketing plan to help promote this X5IGHT brand?  Merch, shows, music, mixes, etc? Jerry: Honestly, it’s music. The only way to promote yourself and to be different is that your music has to be different from everybody else. That’s the only way people will look at you differently from other big producers. Also, shows have a big part to do with that. If you create an unbelievably awesome set and people stay energized throughout the whole thing then you are doing it right. It does not matter how big the venue is, but if you brought all the people together for the duration that you are playing, then you’ve done something. You have done something that those people are enjoying. They are feeling exactly what you’re feeling and will keep coming for more. Brandon: I think that if we create a really unique and distinct sound, our music will play a big role in helping us develop our brand.  More importantly, our hard work and persistence is required to really get ahead and set ourselves apart from everyone else! We plan on continuing our expansion of bookings and online presence, to keep exposing ourselves to a larger audience!  We are also designing a new logo and merchandise right now, so we are very X5IGHTED to show off our new “brand” in the next few months! OTB: If you could play one festival anywhere in the world, what would it be? Jerry: Ultra, reason being is I have watched all the live streaming of Ultra ever since I knew of EDM. I always wished to be on that stage and set a goal that one day I will be there. Maybe not on the main stage, but I’ll play at Ultra and I can say that I played at Ultra and accomplished my goal. Although after that goal is accomplished, I would set another goal, and another, and another. Brandon:  While the energy and experience at Ultra would be life changing, I’ve always wanted to play a headlining set at a festival in our hometown of Chicago!  It would be so rewarding to play in front of all our friends and family.  We would use the opportunity to giveback to everyone that’s helped us along the way!  Not to mention the fact that Chicago crowds go HARD! ;) OTB: Besides your EP release, could you tell us any of your future plans?  Tour dates, collaborations, etc? Jerry: As of now we have a few tour dates planned, but no collaborations. We are at the point where we want to create our own sound/style that we enjoy as well as our fans. As soon as we get to that point we can start thinking about collaborations. Brandon:  We kick off the spring with a pretty busy touring schedule that carries into the summer, followed with the release of a few more singles, remixes, and vocal edits.  We also plan on finishing up some songs that were left off of the EP. OTB: What is one thing that you would like your fans to know about each of you? Jerry: Tough question; there are many things I’d love to tell our fans about me, but to pick one, I would like to let everyone know that I absolutely love to eat Nutella, either by itself or with vanilla wafers. Brandon: Since Jerry decided to talk about food and I’m also hungry right now, I’d love to let everyone know about my unhealthy obsession with crispy M&M’s.  They no longer exist in the US, however, you can still purchase them online!

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