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Behind the Beat: Anthony Attalla

Friday, March 22, 2013

As we enter 2013, Anthony Attalla has firmly established himself as a rising star in the electronic music community. His personal growth in the studio as a producer and on stage as a performer has the industries biggest taste makers proclaiming that Anthony is set to break out in the coming year. Never resting on his laurels, Anthony has also demonstrated his passion for the business side of the industry by creating a platform to showcase his favorite talent through Incorrect Music, his music production-company, which has proven to be a most successful endeavor. As an artist, Anthony has charted over 40 Top 100 tracks on, the widely popular outlet for purchasing EDM (Electronic Dance Music). With labels such as Great Stuff, Trapez, MBF, Definitive, Tronic, Break New Soil, MBF, and Stereo Recordings seeking his productions, Attalla is a wanted man. In addition, the demand for his live performance has grown to an all-time high with continuous touring throughout the United States, as well as international bookings in Europe, Ibiza, Mexico & Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Canada. Now surpassing its three-year anniversary, Incorrect Music has experienced success at an alarming pace. The label’s achievements include having tracks played and charted by some of the industries’ most credible artists, boasting over 50 Top 100 tracks on various Beatport Charts, and spreading its wings globally with artists from more than 20 different countries making up its impressive roster. With Anthony’s multi-faceted approach to an increasingly demanding industry, he illustrates his ability to evolve and achieve as he continues to make his mark on the international dance scene.


OTB: What is your strategy going into a week long music conference? I see that you are playing multiple shows this week for the WMC. Anthony: My strategy remains the same as it always is… Prepare Perfectly in an effort to go out each and every time with the single goal of playing the best I possibly can.  The key to being successful in this industry comes down to how consistently great you are with all aspects of your career; from performance to production to how your run and operate your label.  Thus, I try to approach every set as if it's my last with relentless preparation.  OTB: What are your thoughts on WMC and Ultra? Anything you're looking forward to down there? Catching any other sets? A: This week is always special to me due to the fact it carries such a nostalgic representation of moments in my life, from being a kid coming as a fan, to the start of my career with grand ambitions, to the current day where I'm well immersed in the industry and on a burgeoning path towards what I set out to accomplish years ago.  I'm definitely still a fan and will be catch Steve Lawler, Victor Calderone, Luciano, and of course all the amazing artists on my Incorrect Music label event, as well as others on the various parties I'm performing on. OTB: Are there any festivals you have not played that you want to? A: Of course!!! There are several to be exact… mainly all the big European ones such as Sonar, Wonderland, Sensation White, etc.  I think it's every artist's goal to play on such a large stage and have the ability to touch such a massive collection of souls with one set. OTB: What new things can we expect out of your label Incorrect Music soon? A: You can expect the same relentless push to spread quality music to the masses, but in 2013 you will see a proliferation of more label based events through out the nation including new residencies in Miami, New York, Toronto, and Chicago. OTB: You recently opened for SHM in Chicago what was that like? A: It was definitely an original experience to say the least.  Performing in front of 25,000 people was quite the rush, but to be honest as soon as I stepped on stage it felt like every other gig I've ever played.  I was extremely comfortable and it was a very "natural" feeling playing for that many partygoers which gave me even more confidence as I enter such an intense growth stage of my career.  The best part about the night was having my father there to support me, as well as, hang with the SHM guys and see how down-to-earth they are.  I've been friends with Axwell for a while now but it was neat to see them all interact with each other and how they have such a brotherly bond. OTB: You perform all around the world, what is one of your favorite places? A: Domestically it would be Chicago, where I live now.  The scene there is unparalleled and so vibrant.  I'm truly in love with that city.  Internationally, I love Spain or Amsterdam the most.  The electronic music culture there is part of their everyday life.  The live and breath this music so it's amazing to see a society that was raised loving this music that has become such a huge part of my life.  I hope that culture will manifest itself in the United States in the coming decade. OTB: Who do you look up to that is active in the music scene still today? A: I try not to place those expectations on myself; looking at someone else's career and having a desire to follow that path.  I set such a high standard for myself it's almost impossible to ever be satisfied, however that is what drives and motivates me; blazing my own trail and creating my own life story. OTB: What are you listening to lately both EDM and non EDM? A: For personal edification I listen to a lot of deep house and alternative rock.  I was recently turned on to a Indie Rock band called Atlas Genius that I'm in love with. OTB: How is the detroit music scene doing these days in your opinion? A: Detroit is a tough market… the city has a ton of musical culture being the birthplace of Techno but it's also a very economically oppressed city with a plethora of financial segregation thus suppressing a sense of "community".  There are several great parties, however, and compared to most cities in the US it's still in the upper echelon. OTB: Your must have item with you for traveling? A: Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial wipes and anti-bacterial Wet Ones wipes… good to stay clean on those dirty planes! lol