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Behind The Beat | Tangle & Mateusz Interview

Friday, March 29, 2013

Luckily for me, Denver-based trance producers/DJ’s Evan Dackerman (Tangle) & Matt Koucky (Mateusz) were in Miami during Miami Music Week 2013. I was able to catch up with Tangle & Mateusz after they co-headlined Diesel FM’s 1 year anniversary show at Therapy in downtown Miami.


OTB: Let’s start off by talking about your early music careers and how you formed your DJ monikers. Mateusz: I played the violin from a young age and was able to play with the Colorado Orchestra from the age of 14 and compose my own symphony. I transitioned to electronic music from there because I feel it is one of the best ways to express emotion in this day and age and from there I started producing. About 4 years ago Tangle and I teamed up. Tangle: I’ve had a passion for electronic music, especially trance music, since high school. I chose to go to school in London for music production back in 2007, and then came back to Denver where I met Mateusz through some mutual friends. Our musical styles really synced and it was a natural progression to becoming a DJ duo. As for our monikers, one of my buddies suggested Tangle and that stuck with me, and as for Mateusz… Mateusz: Mateusz is Matthew in Polish. OTB: How has forming a duo changed your music? What are some words you would use to describe the sound that two you jointly produce as Tangle & Mateusz? Mateusz: We have two very conflicting yet similar tastes; I am more of a tech DJ and he is more electro. The nice thing about sitting down in the studio together is that if one of us is stuck on where to take a track we can collaborate and move it forward, which is definitely an advantage over DJ’s who work alone. Tangle: It’s definitely great to have 2 sets of ears. Tech-trance and electro-trance, we really bring those two styles together. We just both really like bangin’ music! We are all about breaking genre barriers. It doesn’t Mateuszer what the genre is, we like to incorporate all sorts of sounds into our music. IMG_2081 OTB: You mention electro-trance and tech-trance as subgenres of trance at-large. What do you think distinguishes trance as an umbrella genre from the other popular genres of EDM right now? Tangle: I think melody is the biggest thing. Right now there is such a meshing of genres where you can hear a progressive house track that you could still consider trance because it has so much melody to it. Originally, trance was all about the melody; now it’s really a meshing of bass lines as well as that melody. Melody is the core, I think.  Mateusz: Trance is all about emotion. It’s all about what you are feeling at that time. Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you angry? It’s all about emotion and that’s what will distinguish it from all else that’s out there. Progressive is right on its tail, but trance will always have the edge. Tangle: Even in electro-house and dubstep, artists like Seven Lions maintains trance, just with dubstep sounds and electro sounds. But it still maintains the integrity of the genre. I think it’s a great thing to see trance creeping into all these different genres and there being more emotion overall in EDM. OTB: Tangle & Mateusz is signed to Lange Recordings as well as High Contrast. How do you see yourselves relative to the diverse array of other DJ’s signed to those labels? Mateusz: I don’t know that we want to fit into any group. We want to be on the cutting edge of the trance genre. Tangle: (Laughing) I don’t think we fit into any group! I think the artists that we surround ourselves with have the same outlook on the genre; they are all about pushing genre barriers just like we are. OTB: What would be the pinnacle of your DJ success? What is Tangle & Matuesz shooting for? Mateusz: Getting up to that A List. Touring, traveling, sharing our music with the world. Tangle: Playing big festivals like Ultra here in Miami. We played at EDC in Las Vegas last year, which was definitely one of the best experiences that we’ve had. So more of that; doing what we love. Want more of Tangle & Mateusz? I know I do! Catch their new track, “Somebody Told Me” on Lange’s Intercity Podcast 117, and keep an eye out for 4 more tracks being released on Lange recordings over the next few months. I couldn’t think of a better opener for the legendary Max Graham. Look out for Tangle & Mateusz coming to a city near you! In Trance We Trust.