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Behind The Beat | Mr. Pit, Grube & Hovsepian, and KhoMha Interview

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A selected few delegates from Coldharbour Recordings opted to spend a sunny, beautiful Wednesday afternoon of Miami Music Week 2013 indoors at the Riviera Hotel in South Beach. Still reveling from Coldharbour Night at Dream Miami a few nights earlier, I was happy to find Mr. Pit, Grube & Hovsepian, and KhoMha keeping the vibe going with smiles and obvious camaraderie as they enthusiastically welcomed me in to talk about their recent successes and future plans. OTB: Khomha, you killed it on Monday at Coldharbour night! It was an amazing vibe and you sounded fan-f*&#ing-tastic. How has being a part of Coldharbour changed your sound? KhoMha: My music now is more energetic. Before, it was darker, more progressive, like underground. Now the energy comes out in almost all my songs! OTB: Mr. Pit, you have a history of releasing tracks on underground labels, I’m curious what is different about releasing as a part of Coldharbour now? Mr. Pit: The music has really evolved, and as producers that’s our job to keep it evolving. It’s still techy and melodic and progressive, but it has a new flavor now. IMG_2210 OTB: Grube & Hovsepian, your set from Transmission 2013 in Prague a few months ago was awesome! Taking the rich history of trance music in that area of the world into account, did you prepare for your set differently than you would have to play elsewhere? Grube: We prepared for a month prior, and set up 5 or 6 exclusive tracks to serve to Transmission. We wanted to play a majority set, for sure. Hovsepian: We wanted to have a lot of our own productions. It was also important that it was stadium oriented, given that it was our European debut, we wanted to go out with a bang! OTB: Let’s talk a bit about the reason we are all here: Markus Schulz. People use the words “deep,” “dark,” “tribal,” to describe his sound, relative to a figure such as Armin van Buuren who could be called more “upbeat” and “celestial.” Do you feel like you align with the Markus Schulz sound? Hovsepian: I think we all kind of have the Coldharbor sound, but we each show our own flare. Khomha has the progressive house flare, Grube & Hovsepian have that similar [to Schulz] flare but more big room, and Mr. Pit is more trancey. OTB: There have been a lot of Coldharbour Nights, and I take it you guys must be pretty close. Grube: Yeah, we have pretty much sold out all of our Coldharbour Nights. They’ve been in New York, Montreal, Dallas, L.A., Miami, and the turn out has been great. We have a formula: Grube & Hovsepian starts the night, then Khomha takes over, and then Mr. Pit whisks us away with that trance core. The fans seem to be happy… OTB: Overjoyed! In terms of the Schulz Music Group (SMG), can you let people who might not know about it a little more about why it exists? Hovsepian: It’s been great – we are the original members including Adina Butar who isn’t here today. Last year, WMC 2012, was the official launch. Bringing Khomha and Adrian over to the States and touring, where we couldn’t get into those big markets – L.A., New York, Miami – before SMG. Having the backing and management has really launched us. Grube: 2012 was amazing, we all really caught fire. Coldharbour is really catching fire. We are bringing the new sounds and it’s opening a lot of doors. IMG_2206 OTB: I would say that’s the Label’s primary draw for me – it’s commercial in that I can access it and buy songs, but when I hear your sets I still get that ravey, underground feel that I miss so much at other shows. Grube: We are definitely deeper and darker and more underground. That’s what we want to give to our fans. When we are done with our sets, we like to jump right in and get in the crowd and party just like you. OTB: Final question - what is your biggest aspiration as a DJ? KhoMha: My dream would be collaboration with Hans Zimmer or Daft Punk. Grube & Hovsepian: Our goal is to have our fans get us. We have a lot of inspirations from all different kinds of music. We aren’t going to do the same thing everyday. We want to keep going and innovating; we don’t listen to trance in the car because we listen to that everyday! Top 40, we listen to that a lot. Mr. Pit: It’s not helpful to think, “I just want to get somewhere.” At the end of the career you look back on what you did, and that’s what you’re left with. And I’m fine with that. I cannot wait to attend my next Coldharbour Night, and I encourage you all to follow! Each of these trance champions spins a hell of a show in his own right, but all together they form a trance team that leaves even a seasoned trancehead like myself giddy when I think where the genre is headed with them at the helm. In Trance We Trust.