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Behind The Beat: Hellberg

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Recently OnlyTheBeat was able to catch up  with Hellberg, the 18 year old producer out of Sweden, who is quickly making a name for himself by producing some killer progressive house tracks.  Hellberg, signed to Monstercat, has been on the grind for nearly four years and he is coming into his own as he finds his niche in the ever expanding EDM world. Come with us as we learn about  Hellberg and his journey to Monstercat and beyond.  We are looking forward to big things from this wunderkind. Make sure to check out his latest single, Guide Me Home ft. Charlotte Haining, which is conveniently placed below. OTB:What is your background in music production?
HellBerg: I started doing music when I was 12-13. At first it was just for fun, all my friends were already into house music and mashups were popular so i decided to try it out. After a couple of out-of-key mixes I gave up. This was in the program "Magix Music Maker 2003" I think it was called. Anyways when i was like 14 I got FL from some site and started messing around with it. I was pretty attached to it early, making fun beats with just some drums and some standard sounds that came with the program. After a year or so of just learning the program i started venture of into Hip hop, found a huge youtube-community with rappers and beatmakers and I eventually started putting up my beats and tracks on YouTube. I did that for 2 years or something, loving hiphop but still listening to house alot.
Then when I was about 16 I became so into the house-scene, I started following SHM heavily and that was when they were just about to release "One". I started making house primarily. By the summer of 2011 I found Skrillex, started making dubstep for a bit, but got tired of that and got back to house, in the fall of 2011 I came in contact with Monstercat through some friends and they seemed to like my stuff
OTB: I noticed that with "I am Hellberg" and Fubar, things were more dubby than they are now
HELLBERG: Absolutely, I loved the "Complextro" genre, I thought it was everything I ever wanted in music. Aggressive, energetic but still melodic OTB: "Complextro"... Interesting HELBERG: Yea Glitchy Electro OTB: How did you get involved with Monstercat? Friends you said? HELLBERG: Yea, this is quite the story also. I was a pretty hardcore gamer a few years ago, I spent my spare time with music and gaming. I was a part of this gaming-clan, we played Call Of Duty and talked to each other every day. The clan's leader became really big on YouTube with gaming-videos and through him I got to know more big people in the on YouTube. One guy was called "PBat", PBats brother is Arion. Arion is an artist on Monstercat.  Eventually when my production turned semi-okay I got introduced by PBat to Mike Darlington, the head of Monstercat OTB: It's amazing how things like that work out, you never know who is going to be the bridge to your next adventure HELLBERG: Exactly OTB: What is your "homebase" to DJ in? Like your hometown or a favorite place to play or produce. HELLBERG: Do you mean my favourite place to party at or my favourite spot to play? OTB: To play. HELLBERG: Well the thing is I don't play at all outside of my bedroom yet. People get suprised when they ask me and I tell them that since I do have some tracks on Monstercat that have many views but I don't have reached out to anyone locally and they haven't reached out to me. OTB: Interesting, I never would have guessed. HELLBERG: I hope that I will get some gigs soon though, want to get out there! OTB: How many languages do you speak/read/type ? HELLBERG: Swedish and English basically. I did go to a German class in School several years ago but I can't remember anything from that. I would like to learn Spanish. OTB: Right on. I'm jealous you have two. I am just fluent in English. OTB:Who have been your biggest influences, musically speaking? HELLBERG: The producers that have been most influential to me has to be Swedish House Mafia and Avicii. SHM started making me REALLY interested in and Avicii took me into the next level OTB: That big room/festival progressive sound is your calling? HELLBERG: Right now it is what I really like listening to, I don't know if it will be like that in a year, but rightn ow I really enjoy it. And I have been for the last 2-3 years OTB: Gotcha. OTB: If you could ask any DJ one question, who would it be and what would the question be? HELLBERG: omg I need to take a minute for this one. I would ask Axwell when he's releasing "Centre Of The Universe". Might seem silly but it really is not OTB: Sticking with the SHM theme, I dig it. HELBERG: Loved that song for so long and it has only been a WIP OTB: "Guide Me Home" is a massive track. How did you find Charlotte Haining? HELLBERG: Thank you. I found Charlotte Haining through Rameses B. He had his first release on Monstercat with her, the track was called "come & Go" and I fell in love with the vocals on it, so I contacted her, after a lil chat I sent the demo instrumental of Guide Me Home and she did her thing OTB: Turned out wonderfully. HELLBERG: Thanks OTB:What is one thing you want fans to know about musical style? HELLBERG: That I make the music I love. People are asking me to do DnB, dubstep, drumstep etc. but it is not what I enjoy listening to at this moment. OTB: 3 Must Have's when producing HELLBERG: for me or for the general producer? OTB: For you HELLBERG: A tv-show playing in the background that I switch on and off. The virtual synth Sylenth1. A happy mood. OTB: Interestinggg OTB: Last question OTB: How do you pick which tracks you remix/bootleg HELLBERG: It varies, but most of the time I just check the latest tracks that have come out on iTunes/Spotify and if I like something new I always start to think how the track could be turned into progressive house.

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