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Behind The Beat | KhoMha Interview

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Personally, I am experiencing a lull in my EDM love life as the spring festivals are underway seemingly everywhere except NYC, and summer festivals are right around the corner. What is a girl to do? Try to keep the dream alive, aka stalk DJ’s. Thankfully, one of my personal favorites, KhoMha, took time out of his busy tour schedule to answer some of my burning questions via email… OTB: First, thank you for letting me follow you around like a puppy in Miami. I think it’s safe to say I am your groupie for life! Let’s get right into what everyone is still raving about…  Describe the experience of playing ASOT at arguably the yearly tour’s most famous location, Den Bosch. KhoMha: It was one of the best experiences of my life. The crowd there was amazing, and everybody was jumping and screaming the whole show. [soundcloud url="" params="color=3776d5&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] OTB: A lot of what you played was KhoMha mashups. I, in particular, love your mashup of the classic “Rapture” and “Dejavu”, your own track. Have you always done mashups, or is it a sign of maturity that you are releasing your own takes on these epic songs? KhoMha: I have always done mashups since the beginning of my career because it makes my sets unique and different. OTB: How does it feel to spin a mashup of other people’s songs as compared with when you spin songs that you have put together yourself from their inception? Is there a difference in how it hits you? What’s the reception like for your mashups versus your KhoMha-only releases? KhoMha: The reaction is always fantastic on both sides, which is really amazing, because that means I'm doing nice productions and mashups as well at the same level. I enjoy playing both depending on what I’m feeling! OTB: You pride yourself on not being tied to one genre. As such, your tracks boast elements of trance, progressive, deep house… Are there any genres of EDM that you do not foresee incorporating into your music? KhoMha: I really love drum & bass and trip hop and I really want to try integrating these genres, especially D&B because the baselines are really deep and that represents my taste well. KhoMha Echo Stage WDC OTB: Since you are a member of the Coldharbour Recordings and Schulz Music Group crews, I just have to ask this question: are we ever going to hear a purely vocal, big room trance track from KhoMha? KhoMha: Yes for sure. Right now I'm testing some demos that some vocalists have sent me, so I think we will have a vocal track soon. OTB: Last question: I know you are a huge Daft Punk fan… with their new album coming out next month, are you absolutely freaking out like the rest of the EDM world!?! What does it mean to you to see them still kicking strong after all these years? KhoMha: They are simply amazing, everything they make is perfect. I’m really excited about their new album because I'm sure it will cause a revolution in the EDM world, I think they came to refresh the EDM music scene once again. Make sure to catch KhoMha as he tours America opening up for Markus Schulz’s SCREAM tour… or hey, make a getaway out of it and get to Asia or Australia! Either way, 2013 is fast becoming KhoMha’s year, so don’t miss out J In Trance We Trust.

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