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Behind the Beat | Stellar Interview

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Justin Rezvani

It’s always amazing when you have an opportunity as an interviewer to sit down and speak with a genuine person that is unconditionally 100% passionate about what they are doing. Taking a life full of experiences and transferring them into an art form. One of the newest residents of the highly anticipated Club LIGHT, the Las Vegas resident DJ/Producer Dave Stellar has made much more than a footprint in the Nevada desert sand. Since moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas six years ago, he has created a Stellar brand that has dispersed throughout Sin City and beyond. Hard work and perseverance has brought Stellar to do what he was born to do. His hard hitting progressive style will get any club-goer to tear it up on the dance floor and immerse themselves in the power of EDM.

This is Behind the Beat w/ DJ Stellar

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