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Behind The Beat | Visionaire Interview

Wednesday, May 08, 2013
Sam Storch

One of the greatest feelings for many fans across the EDM scene is the discovery of an underground artist and watching them grow into stardom. Several months ago, I was lucky enough to stumble across a variety of “monster” electro remixes by Visionaire, also known as Dirty Dutch Visionaire, and almost instantly I realized that I came across a producer/DJ that would flourish in this industry. In the past few months, Visionaire has become one of the up and coming artists to look out for in the EDM universe. His Original Tracks, remixes, and New EP “Envision” have received support from major artists including Sidney Samson, Alvaro, Deorro, Blasterjaxx, Starkillers, and DJs From Mars. This summer Visionaire will also be preforming at The Come Up Music Festival in New York alongside Hard Dance/Trance giant BassHunter. I am thankful that Visionaire took the time out of his busy schedule to do an interview with me, so I can introduce EDM fans to an up and coming talent that will be a star. Only The Beat: So, lets get started. When and how did you get your start as a DJ and Producer? Visionaire: 
I started producing with Garageband when I was 16 years old. I actually made hip-hop music for four years. Finally, when I was 20, I fell in love with house, so I started producing that. 
My first DJ gig was when I was a sophomore in college. OTB: Now since you mentioned that you went from Hip-Hop to House music; House music is known for its diversity and a wide range of sub genres (i.e: minimal, trance, techno, progressive) what type of music do you identify with and what would you say your style is. V: 
I would say my style mainly is big room electro. Of course, I love dirty dutch and I love progressive as well. This is a tricky question for me because when I produce a song, I don't think about a specific genre I'm going to make. I just make whatever I think my fans and I would enjoy. OTB: That makes a lot of sense, so that leads to the question of who are your inspirations and how do you believe they have affected you. V: I have many inspirations. To name a few, Laidback Luke, Sidney Samson, Afrojack, Showtek, Firebeatz, Etc… They definitely have had a huge impact on my music. I always keep up with their radio shows and recorded live streams so I continuously receive inspiration and I am able to produce more diverse music. It is important to me that I keep listening to many different producers so that my music stays fresh! OTB: 
Agreed! I would say diversity and staying fresh are definitely crucial in producing. So when you first began releasing tracks, it would seem that you released with a number of remixes among the your original tracks. What made you produce those remixes, and how did they contribute to making you a better producer and DJ? V: Those remixes were made simply because I really liked those songs and I wanted to give them my own flavor. Remixes tend to get more views and feedback so I make more remixes than originals. Remixes also makes me think outside the box. I have to get creative and do my own things when I remix a track, so that my remix does not sound like the original, or like any other remixes. OTB: Speaking about thinking outside the box, your brand new EP “Envision” just dropped. Please, tell me how do you feel about it, what were you looking to do and achieve while making this EP. V: My EP was a gift to my fans for helping me reach 10,000 fans on Facebook. I think November of last year I still only had 2,000 fans. I definitely owe my fans for their continued support so I thought an EP would be a great idea. I am proud of my EP, but I am happier that my fans love it as much as I do. OTB: Speaking about your fans, what can they expect from Visionaire? V: You can definitely expect more MUSIC!!! I am in talks with several booking agencies at the moment so my fans can expect to see me live somewhere soon! For now, I am always in the studio and working on my craft. OTB: I’m glad you mentioned booking agencies because I wanted to ask if you Have been talking to any labels 

and have you been receiving support? V: 
A couple labels have reached out to me for releases on Beatport, and we are currently talking. I have a remix releasing on Beatport soon as well so definitely look out for that! 
I have been receiving support here and there from my biggest inspirations. It really is the greatest feeling when one of your favorite DJ's plays your track. Most recently, Sidney Samson played my remix of "So Young So High" on his radio show last week. Sidney Samson's "Riverside" was the FIRST house song that I ever liked. You can imagine my excitement when he supported one of my remixes. OTB: That must be an amazing feeling to receive support you’re your idols! To wrap things up, do you have any advice for any up and coming producers and DJ’s who want to succeed. V: 
I am so flattered that so many people ask me for advice because I am also an up-and-coming producer trying to succeed. But if I were to give advice, it would be this: Just keep going. Even if you get discouraged, don't stop. I've been producing for almost five years now without taking any long breaks in between. When I first started, I was just absolutely terrible, but I just kept sticking to it, and now I am worthy enough to be interviewed. OTB: Thank you so much for your time and we cannot wait to see what’s next for Visionaire.

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