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Trance Producer Troll 1 Year Anniversary Interview

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

If you love Trance music, you've probably seen influences of the Trance Producer Trolls; a Facebook group that enjoys trolling those in the Trance scene as well as others in the EDM world. From Skrillex to David Guetta and more, they do not hesitate. Some may call it rude, and others may get offended but at the end of the day, it's just for some fun. May 25th-26 was a celebration of a year of the group being active. With over 28,000 likes on their page they've really made an impact. The celebration includes over 30 DJ sets. Over 700 listeners are tuned into "Discover Trance Radio" where they are livestreaming the sets. 70+ people all joined together in a chatroom to discuss the event and just hang out. They even have their own podcast. I had the chance to get in touch with some of the hidden admins. They do not like to reveal their identities and there are many of them, but I was able to have a quick interview with them. ___ OTB: Alrighty. Well, first off, how are you guys doing today on such a special weekend? TPT: Couldn't be going any better! Our event nearly reached as many listeners as one of the biggest trance radios around (being AH) and the response on the page and the chat have been better than we expected! OTB: Very nice. I've been following TPT since the first few thousand likes on the page. Now you guys are over 28k. How has the page changed as well as the admin team changed since the launch of the page? TPT: The original page started off as an idea between 2 guys, but since then many admins have come and go. As the fans grew so did the admins. People have started looking up to the fact that we don't care about rules or authority when it comes to commenting on certain groups within EDM. We say what we think and apparently it's a hit! OTB: That is true. I've seen you make fun of even the most praised people in the Trance scene. But of course it's all fun and you guys mean no harm. Ahmed Romel is playing his set now, wonderful melodies. Was it a challenge getting over 30 artist to participate in this massive event? How was their response to your invitation to the anniversary party? TPT: Surprisingly most of the artists agreed instantly! We didn't expect so many professionals to just dive into our proposal! Also, we are really happy about the fact that discover trance radio agreed on hosting the event! They have been really kind towards us and have been a great help on promoting the event and on getting everything ready for broadcast! Do take into consideration that canceling 2 days of shows for an event isn't nothing! OTB: Yea. That lineup is massive. It started Saturday and leaked into Sunday and there are still a lot of artist left to play! Any big news for upcoming events or special things happening in the near future? Or just some more trolling? TPT: I'd say, keep an eye on the page, we still have a little surprise to come this week, our official birthday is Wednesday the 29th, so there's still something special to come! OTB: Will do. Any special thanks or shout outs that you guys would like to do? TPT: First off all a HUGE thank you to all the dj's that made our event this epic! To Dave Deen from discover trance for hosting our event on his radio! And last but most importantly to all the fans that joined and supported us this past year! We will make sure that next years event is even more massive! OTB: Awesome. Thanks hidden TPT admin(s) for your time. You guys keep up your good work and enjoying the sets.