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Behind The Beat | Andy Moor Interview

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Last week, the heavens parted and the Trance Gods delivered me to Andy Moor. I still remember the first time I heard “Daydream,” Andy Moor's collaboration with Markus Schulz.  It was 4 years ago, and it is still my favorite – yes, favorite – trance track of all times.

OTB: You are one of the iconic trance producers in the industry and you've been at it for over 15 years! Out of all the styles of music, how did you fall into trance?

Andy Moor: When I was young I was into artists such as Jean Michelle Jarre, and as electronic music started to progress it became clear that the melodic sounds of trance was where my heart was. I loved the emotion it gave me in the 90's, the sounds used, and the energy of the electronic beats. It was what I was into then and nothing has changed today.

OTB: Speaking of iconic trance producers, tell me about how it is to do your B2B sets with Lange?

Andy Moor: We talked about doing this last year and the sets have been well received, so we keep them for special occasions and basically to have fun behind the decks. After spending many years playing on my own, it is great to play with others now and then, it brings a different angle to the music and is also a challenge on which I thrive.

OTB: Aside from making your own music, you also head a powerhouse record label: AVA Recordings. What do you look for in the artists that you sign?

Andy Moor: Many things. Initially, it's talent, and also the ability to try to make their own music rather than copying off a track/style that's trending. We sign artists that are from various genres but I like artists that have longevity, and those that show promise that we can help develop over the years.

OTB: Your podcast, Moor Music, is an eclectic mix of more ambient tracks, vocal trance, and some high-energy progressive. How do you select the songs for Moor Music?

Andy Moor: It could be seen as a relatively simple process in which I pick my favourite tunes from the previous few weeks then put them together in a set that flows and works through different styles, emotions, and energy. Tracks need to have an air of quality to them and fit my taste of music.

OTB: You tour all over the world, and play gigs for tens of thousands (e.g. ASOT) and also smaller venues such as the Sullivan Room where OTB saw you last weekend. Tell us about how your style of DJing changes to please the crowds, or does it?

Andy Moor: Yes it changes a lot. Tracks have a different impact depending on where you play. Big shows increasingly call for big slamming tracks, especially with the abundance of those types of tracks these days. I can go and play tunes that are groovy and melodic but it will get lost on a lot of people, whereas in smaller venue's you can play a bit "cooler" and more intricate production wise. The crowds in big shows increasingly want "wham bam thank you mam," which is the only way to describe it.


OTB: There is a lot of pressure to be commercial as the EDM scene is blowing up worldwide. Is this an exciting time to be a DJ or do you miss the old days?

Andy Moor: It's both. It's exciting due to the increased awareness of the mass population, so there are more possibilities and opportunities, but I also miss the raw elements of the old days. The days when the majority of people at shows were slightly more cultured in their taste of music, allowing you to not be so obvious in your own productions and DJ style. You still get this though, it's just balanced more in favor of the commercialized styles, which isn't necessarily a bad thing for the masses, just for the purists. It's very exciting to find out what the next twist in the EDM saga will produce... and I'd like very much to be a part of that.

In uncertain trance times, there are few we can look to to remain true. Andy Moor is one of those grounding the genre, all it was and all it will be.

In Trance We Trust.

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