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Hey OTBers!  We were lucky enough to sit down with Australia’s Harley Streten, known as Flume. I’d been looking forward to his Seattle stop on the North American tour for a while now and was able to get some insight on his background, inspirations, live setup and more.

If you don’t recognize the name Flume, I guarantee that you’ve heard one of his songs if you’re even remotely interested in electronic music.  Harley’s first EP, “Sleepless” was released in 2011, with the self-titled debut album out in late 2012.  This was around the time the his music really started to catch my eye.  I’m a huge fan of similar artists like XXYYXX, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Sbtrkt, and I came upon Flume’s work from a Spotify suggestion.  I have to say that Flume’s music doesn’t really land in a certain category, and it’s definitely not the “predictable, cookie cutter music” that he avoids.

Flume video interview

Many of his singles have landed high up on the charts within his native Australia, and I couldn’t be more excited that his music has really started to take off in the US, selling out shows around the country on his tour.  We also got a little bit of insight into a recent side project that he’s picked up with Australian producer Emoh Instead as What So Not.  Flume is truly a unique artist and I’m looking forward to new things to come!



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