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Behind The Beat | Moby Talks New Album, Musical Past & Politics

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

When I was told that I was approved for a sit-down, in-person interview with none other than musical genius Moby, I can tell you that I was definitely honored and humbled.  An artist who's been making chart-topping hits since before I was born wanted to sit down with ME.  I rejoiced, then immediately panicked.  What the hell was I going to talk to MOBY about?? I spent hours putting together questions that I hoped would be worthwhile and would spark a conversation.  I was practically shaking as I was led into the interview room, as we tested the sound equipment and as he walked in the door.  But upon meeting him, I somehow felt instantly at ease.  Moby has a fairly reserved demeanor and he has this way of captivating you and drawing you in...making you feel calm. As I continue to do interviews with artists, I find myself often saying "this is the best interview I've done yet!" But seriously, this blows them all out of the water.  Getting to learn a little bit about Moby's personal life and his many talents was an amazing experience.  I'm keeping my remarks short here, as the interview speaks for itself. If you're curious about how his DJ set at Seattle's Decibel Festival went, I can tell you that he took every ounce of energy and poured it into an amazing, hard-hitting deep house set that absolutely blew my mind.

Behind The Beat Moby Interview

 Moby - Innocents 

Moby's new album, Innocents, was released on October 1 and I highly recommend taking a listen.  It's very relaxing, dreamy and really shows you how talented this man really is.  You can find the entire album available for streaming below the interview.