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Behind The Beat Interview | OMG It's Vegas: Featuring DJ Miss Joy

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The first installment in a series of videos featuring local Las Vegas DJs highlights DJ Miss Joy. The video gives a little bit of background on the Laotian transplant who now pumps up parties on the Las Vegas strip.  Produced by Djoybeat and hosted by yours truly, OHMYGODitsKAT, the OMG it's Vegas series will introduce the mainstream fanatics to the hometown heroes of my city.

DJ Miss Joy's Bio in her own words

This is the organic story behind all the genres of music that I spin.When I first started DJing I was so in love with Funky and Electro Breaks. I was also infatuated with Jump Up Jungle music. It could be because I lived in Charlotte, NC, area during my early teenage years and a lot of talent came through playing those specific genres. Either way, anything with a Break-beat was right up my alley. When I moved to Seattle, WA, when I turned 20, I learned how to DJ as a trade off of skills from my God Brother Andrew Yeung. I would teach him rhythm and dance and he would teach me about beat matching. I wanted to take it to a whole new level so I moved to Las Vegas to pursue my DJing career. I grew a lot musically in Las Vegas playing an array of genres to fit the vibe of any party. What inspires me the most to learn a new genre is the passion people have for dance. Dancers inspires me to be a better and more eclectic DJ. I would like to be able to share all different styles of mixes on Soundcloud community for the simple reason that (1) sound does not define me. My first love has always been dancing. I am able to adapt and accept new genres of music into my arsenal simply because I am not bias to any forms of music. I love that music is a universal language and that this has been my career choice for over 10 years. (taken from