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Behind The Beat | EDX No Xcuses Interview Special

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Daniel Taibleson


No Xcuses.

Maurizio Colella is bringing sexy back, and I'm not talking about a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Known more commonly by as his stage name EDX, you might recognize this Italian native (raised in Switzerland) most commonly for his track with Kaskade Don't Stop Dancing (Girl) which was pretty much the voice of an entire generation for a year after its release, circa summer 2010. Perhaps you recognize tracks from EDX like Touched or Everything? (If not please listen immediately!). 

Do you see the theme here?

No, I'm not talking about one word track names. I'm talking about instant classics. Tracks that have been, and could possibly be, in my iTunes top 25 most played playlist for the rest of time. Tracks based around beautiful melodies that remind you dance music is supposed to be sexy.

And apparently his message of sexiness is resonating. His most recent tracks like Reckless Ardor continue to be well received  and seem to march up the Beatport Progressive House chart completely unobstructed. Which is a good sign for the future of dance music.

Maurizio's thoughts on the contemporary definition of "progressive house"? Well you'll just have to keep reading to find that out. 

I'm so honored to finally get the chance to interview an artist that I'm so passionate about. EDX has been kind enough to put together an exclusive new episode of his podcast No Xcuses for us, I hope you give it a listen and enjoy our Behind The Beat interview!


EDX No Xcuses 152 (Presented By

Only The Beat: First things first, we want to get to know you as a person. Who is Maurizio? Where you're from, how you got into electronic dance music, and what EDX stands for! EDX: Well, this question would fill up a whole page or more… Maurizio is a Swiss born and raised cool guy from Italian parents. I started to DJ many years back, and in the beginning, I was more into breaks, but the house music generation took over Europe and turned into electronic music… EDX can stand for so many things, choose your own option. OTB: Alrighty then...I think I'm gonna go with EXTREME DANCE XYLOPHONE. Why not. Was there a specific moment on your journey to becoming a DJ/Producer where you knew you had made it? That this was what you were going to do with your life? EDX: I always wanted to be a DJ/producer. The music world took me on as a teenager and in my mid 20s, I knew this would be always part of me… I am not sure that I made it yet, the targets are still far away…. Do you think I've made it?


OTB: Absolutely. You're traveling around the world playing music and making people happy! But then again, it has to make you happy. To be completely honest I don't think you get enough credit. There is a lot of noise in edm, figuratively, (everyone's a DJ!) so I'm glad we get to shed some light on EDX today. People need to know about the music you're making! That being said, let's take it a different angle: What is your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it? EDX: Sincerely, I don't know! There are so many failures every week trying to follow your dreams. What I learned over this past year is to stick to your identity and don't compromise when it comes to music… OTB: What's the best advice you've ever received, who gave it to you? EDX: One of the best piece of advice I got recently was from my friend Ash. He keeps telling me to stick to my own music. Thank you Ash, now you know! OTB: What does a Typical Day in the life look like for EDX? Are you in the studio everyday? Or are you someone who likes to relax and hang out with friends? Getting to the studio only when you're inspired?


EDX: Every day's different. Sometimes I work from home, sometimes from the office. When I am in Zurich or LA, I'm in the studio once a week. I work on so many different things, which makes each individual day unique. I have something like a standard day sometimes. The only thing I do every day is wake up at 7.30am and I've done this for over 20 years… Family and friends are very important in my days and I try to always have a good balance between everything. Sometimes it can be hard always traveling and waking up in another city every day. But I promise it’s worth it! :) OTB: What is your go-to process for when you begin producing a song? i.e. any special set-ups, locations or thought processes? Take some time and really walk us through your creative process. EDX: I always work on a loop first where I try to bring in like 80% of all elements. When I feel comfy with groove, sounds and chords, I start to work towards the arrangements into the breakdown where I spend most of the time. Once I feel the vibe and the drop works well, I am ready to work through the rest and tweak between the different parts, fades etc. I always take the same approach. If I use vocals, it doesn’t really change the way I work. I personally feel that working with vocals adds a lot to my creativity. I get very inspired by great vocals... OTB: Congratulations for making #3 on Beatport for “Reckless Ardor”! Do you have any other new releases you’re stoked for this year? EDX: I can’t tell you how much new and fresh music coming! Get ready for an amazing spring and summer. I've recently been doing some remix work. Excited to share the new material with my fans and the world soon... OTB: If you could see any musician alive or dead, who would it be? EDX: Always this question :) I am still in love with Barry White, but there is a long list of names... OTB: What up-and-comers do you predict are going to dominate EDM in 2014? EDX: There are many of them. I like Nora En Pure a lot, Arston, and Hailing Jordan as well - he is doing the big EDM thing. OTB: I've never heard of those guys, excited to check them out! I noticed you've been nominated for a Beatport Music Award. Given the state of electronic music, do you feel the Beatport Top 100 is an accurate gauge of the cream of the crop of EDM? Why or why not?


EDX: I believe I was voted into the Top 3 of Progressive House alongside Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz. It was in the category of good old Progressive House… Today’s Progressive House charts are not a mirror for the genre anymore. Beatport is important and can been seen as worldwide DJ/producer charts. People that spend money on your music really respect your work. It’s different than the well-known popularity charts all over the web. [Tweet "Today’s Progressive House charts are not a mirror for the genre anymore"] OTB: What does your tour schedule look like for 2014? EDX: We're adding shows to the schedule every day! Lots of club gigs and festivals shows all over the USA, then Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and back again… Really looking forward to be out and enjoy the touring experience with all the thousands music lovers out there… OTB: Anything you'd like to say to your fans? Any last words of wisdom? EDX: As you may know, I want to thank my fans for all the love everyday! I have the best fans on earth that show love for my music and my passion. It’s a real blessing. Follow your heart! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions Maurizio!

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EDX No Xcuses 152 (Presented By Track List

01: Avicii – Hey Brother (Syn Cole Dub Mix) [PRMD] 02: EDX – Szeplo (Arston Remix) [Pinkstar] 03: EDX & Nadia Ali – This Is Your Life (Andrew Bennett Remix) [Pinkstar] 04: Vicetone – Lowdown (Original Mix) [Spinnin’] 05: The Police – Every Breath You Take (Rush West Bootleg) [Free Download] 06: Antonio Giacca – Deviate [Pinkstar] 07: EDX – Italian Melo Drama (Cedric Zeyenne Remix) [Pinkstar] 08: Dave202 – Superstition [Pinkstar] 09: Andrew Bennett – Alive (Original Mix) [S2] 10: ID – Wolfhound (Club Mix) [Pinkstar] 11: James Blunt – Bonfire Heart (HIIO Remix) [Atlantic] 12: Kitsch 2.0 & Ken Roll – Drunk! (Original Mix) [Big & Dirty] 13: ATB feat. Stanfour – Face To Face (Junkx Remix) [TBD]

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