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Behind the Beat | Andy Caldwell talks Grammy Nomination & Leonardo DaVinci

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Billy Tsang

With deep roots in the house music scene for over a decade, Andy Caldwell recently paid OTB a visit to chat about all things EDM, his Grammy nomination and his plans for world domination! OTB: Give the readers an intro on who you are and where you are from. What are your hobbies besides music? AC: I’m a creative person who lucked into the music business. It was a hobby at first and somehow with a bit of luck and hard work, I’ve made a career out of it. Now my hobbies include yoga, cooking, hiking, skiing ... the list goes on! OTB: Did you always know you wanted to be a DJ/Producer? If not, what else would you do? AC: No, not until I experienced my first Rave in 1991. I always tell people that if I weren’t making music I’d make movies. OTB: Who are your musical/non-musical influences? AC: Life man, life is my biggest non music influence. The ups the downs the experiences, my travels, friends, family, relationships. I draw inspiration from all these things.

OTB: Favorite AC track to play/favorite non-AC track? AC: Haha! Pretty much whichever track I’m currently working on! andy caldwell OTB: What do you think of the EDM boom? AC: I think it’s great. Building new fans and expanding the base. Haters are always gonna hate. If you’re not growing you're dying. I’m all for it.

OTB: Do you think marketing is playing a larger role in the success and popularity of artists, tracks and music in general? AC: Yeah of course, people respond like a herd to slick, organized marketing ploys and music is no exception.

OTB: What are your plans for 2014? AC: World domination, work less, play more.. you know, the usual ;) OTB: What is your favorite collaboration so far and who would you still like to work with. AC: Hmm, gotta be “Warrior” with Lisa Shaw. I’d love to work with Sia, Florence and the Machine, Ladytron... the list goes on OTB: Congrats on the Grammy nomination! How did you find out about it? AC: Man that was a total surprise. I was in Vegas chillin out before my show when I started getting all these texts congratulating me. I went on Twitter and saw the same thing. It was very surreal but completely awesome! OTB: If you could have lunch with any artist, who would it be? What restaurant would you take them to and what would you order (let's indulge!)? AC: Leonardo DaVinci and I’d take him on a picnic and ask him to explain the meaning of life. OTB: Do you enjoy festivals or smaller type crowds more? AC: Hmm, this is a tough question... I’ll have to get back to you on this.

OTB: Any pre-post show rituals? AC: Gratitude meditation.

OTB: How would you describe your sound & production style? AC: Very diverse! OTB: Any crazy on the road/touring stories? AC: NO COMMENT ;) (We'll let it slide this time!) OTB: What three words come to mind when you hear Funktion one sound system? AC: Wow, wow, wow! OTB: If you could play a set in a jungle or rainforest, beach or desert, which one would it be and why. AC: Desert for sure. If you’ve ever been to Burning Man you’ll know why.

OTB: What do you think of DJ rankings (ie: DJ Mag Top 100). How relevant do you think it is. AC: I think to some people it has a lot of meaning. There are so many fantastic local DJ’s that never get any mention in that contest but these guys could run circles around the majority of the DJ Mag guys. Seems like many of the top finalists are buying their way up the rankings anyway, it's kind of a joke. andy caldwell