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Behind The Beat | Max Graham on the Art of Crafting a Set, Being Authentic and More

Friday, March 14, 2014
Lauren Hruska

Authenticity Is A Virtue

As voracious music consumers, we all know what it's like to be listening to an artist and literally feel their passion coming through the sound waves.  This is exactly what makes DJ, producer, and owner of ReBrand Records, Max Graham, so special, his authentic and abundant love for music.

Boundless Passion

Max Graham practically grew up in nightclubs and was exposed to a variety of genres of music at a young age.  It was after witnessing djs spinning vinyl that an interest in mixing was ignited within him and he's been following his heart every since.  Max's passion is evident in everything he does, from the innovative music he produces, to the creativity he infuses in his sets (whether they be two, four, six hours or more), to the way meaningful ways he communicates with his fans.

Max Crowd

His Musical History - ReBrand Records & Cycles Radio

Max's debut artist album "Radio" was released back in 2010 on Armada, featuring the popular tracks "Sun In The Winter" featuring Neev Kennedy and "Nothing Else Matters" featuring Ana Criado.  You've undoubtably heard his latest track "The Evil ID" which was rampant in A State of Trance 600 sets this past year. He also has released several mix compilations Cycles 1-4 and Cycles 5 which released Friday, January 17th featuring the likes of Speed Limits, Darin Epsilon, and Solid Stone. Max started his own label ReBrand Records back in 2006 with the mission to "provide records that move you physically and emotionally."  His label features the musical talent of Protoculture, Steve Haines, Johan Malmgren, Solid Stone and Fadios.  Max has said, "I believe in building artists rather than just signing records, I love the guys we have now and am 100% behind them and their careers, I think that’s how a label should be run.”

Max Black and White

In addition to running the label, producing music and djing he also has his own weekly radio show - Cycles Radio, which has exploded in popularity this past year.  The fusion of techno, progressive and trance is rarely heard nowadays.  Every week Max Graham delivers a refreshing smattering of unique tracks and actively tweets with his fans.  The twitter handle @TranceHub tweets the track list after each track has been played to allow for the listener to keep an open mind and avoid preconceived notions while listening, seriously how cool is that?

The Art Of Crafting A Set

Max Graham is notorious for lengthy sets, I'm talking six or more hours. He has said that he has such passion for "telling a story with a long set."  He goes on to explain, "It's kind of like reading a book versus watching a movie.  The movie can be great with special effects and visuals and definitely leave you entertained but there's a deeper experience when you read the book, slowly page by page, taking the time to envelop in the characters and the emotion of the story. For me that's where I'm most comfortable."  He recently played a six hour set in NYC and remarked, "It was such a joy and an honor to play 80 or so of my favorite tracks of now and the past. This was one of the most complete nights of music for me."  Luckily for all of us Max posted the NYC six hour set on his soundcloud for us to experience the magic.  He also split up the set into three episodes of Cycles Radio and live tweeted about his experience that night, see below. shutdown HeadsDown

The Interview

We had the pleasure of catching up with Max at Foundation Nightclub where we went in depth about what's in store for him in 2014, obstacles he's overcome and advice he would give to aspiring producers and DJs.

Six Hours of Heaven

Press play and experience one of Max's six hour sets below. Recorded in New York City on Thanksgiving.