Behind The Beat | Beltek Talks Inspiration & Originality

We all know that some of the greatest DJs have come out of Europe. The Netherlands has been a huge source for some of the best in the industry (Tiesto, Hardwell and many more), along with Sweden (Avcii/Eric Prydz) and other European nations.  Martin ‘Beltek’ Bijelić, who was picked up by Tiesto a few years ago, hails from the Central European country of Slovenia. Granted it’s not the most usual place for a European DJ to come from, but Martin can rep it damn well.

I’ve watched Beltek’s career progress, as he continues to create incredible new releases and teaming up with some of the best in the business like Morgan Page, Arty and more. You can definitely hear the influence from his roots in his music, and he never holds back.  If you’re ready to hear some serious tracks on a night out, check out ‘Go!’ or ‘Rock The Beat’ and you’ll be jumping before you know it.

We sat down with Martin when he opened up for Morgan Page’s live in 3D tour post-set, and the crowd was definitely rallied up.



I'm a bit of a witty firecracker whose name you'll never be able to pronounce. I like long walks on the (Burning Man) playa and I've got a bit of a secret romance with minimal techno. My favorite tracks range all genres - music is music, no matter which way you play it. Watch out, because I can dance like a dinosaur.
- 6 months ago
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