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Project 46 Talks Last Chance & Working With Kaskade

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Elizabeth Ninivaggi

With two breakthrough hit collaborated singles, a hot spot in DJ Mag's Top 100 list, headlining the Cosmic Run and a tour stopping in cities all across the U.S. - Ryan and Thomas, better known as Project 46, have had quite the year. Being the progressive house geniuses that  they are, they have managed to lock down a multi-city headlining "Collide" tour, stopping at destinations all over the world from Montreal to Ibiza. These Canadians have had successful releases with Spinnin' and Armada Records, where their singles with Laidback Luke and good buddy Kaskade have landed them regular spots on the Beatport Top 10. Oh, and have I also mentioned that they're pancake connoisseurs? Their success has been molded by their ability to simultaneously produce great tracks constantly - which they do bi-coastally (they are located on opposite sides of Canada, eh) and even manage to produce a new track, bootleg or remix every Friday for their fans - so if that's not dedication then I don't know what is.


Only the Beat was able to check these two out at the Cosmic Run's stop in San Diego, a glowing 5K that pumps out EDM with glow paint galore in a fun, active race. Project 46 had a super high energy set that literally had the stage rocking and the crowd shuffling. An eager crowd of well over a thousand paint covered fans crammed together to get a taste of these two. They opened with their hit single with Kaskade, 'Last Chance' which brought the energy to the table right from the beginning. They proceeded with mixing big room house and electro tracks from Showtek and Alvaro, effortlessly mixing each hit.

They of course showcased their other hit signle, 'Collide', and had everyone singing along, which was a great addition to the eclectic mix they provided. Overall, there were only good vibes from start to finish and they had the crowd jumping and dancing the entire time, which all run a 5 K - beyond impressive.  I was able to chat with Ryan and Thomas quickly before their set about plans for the future, having Kaskade as their mentor and of course - their suggestions for the best maple syrup.

OTB: Congratulations on being named number 70 on DJ Mag's Top 100! explain What was your reaction when you found out the news?

Project 46: Well we were number 100 the year before, and we thought we made it but we didn't know for sure and we actually found out, well the moment we found out, was five minutes before taking the stage at a festival that Calvin Harris was playing at the same time, but we were playing a smaller stage with like 60 people and he was playing at a larger stage with like 5,000 people, so we were kind of bummed out but then we got this email and we were like, SICKKKK.


OTB: So we all know you guys love your maple syrup and pancakes, could you recommend a brand of maple syrup to your fans?

Project 46: Aunt Jemima! I actually saw your tweet before and knew this question was coming, but I still didn't feel prepared to answer it - I was maybe going to suggest some micro-organic brands or some craft brands but....

OTB: Growing up Canada I've heard there's a lot going on musically there, maybe not so much electronic based, but who have been your inspirations?

Project 46: Well there is a lot of EDM up there; Deadmau5 and Excisionand a lot of up and coming guys like Dzeko and Torres - a lot of up and comers. When I was growing up I listened to Brian Adams, he's Canadian, and there are a lot of great Canadian artists, Alanis Morissette - obviously in Canada on the radio they have this Canadian content rule, where 35-40 % of the music HAS to be Canadian so we get exposed to a lot more Canadian music such as Nickleback, Avril Lavigne.images

OTB: So you've had hit collaborations with Kaskade and Laidback Luke, what kind of advice have these legendary producers given you that you guys have really taken? Project 46: Just keep doing what you're doing! We had a funny moment with Kaskade when we met him ,when we were in Hong Kong and he invites us to his hotel after his show and he tells us "Ok Guys, sit down and take a deep breath - you made it!" OTB: Wow, having Kaskade tell you that is pretty impressive. Weird question, but if you had to be stuck with one DJ on a a deserted island, possibly forever, who would you pick and why? Project 46: Well definitely a female DJ, I don't know many female producers but I know a couple of female DJs, and like when I was in Australia - I met Tigerlily when we were at Stereosonic, and we had just had a track on Beatport and now she just went on tour with Tiesto, but I guess if I were stuck on an island she's the only girl DJ I know so.....actually I'd pick Avicii. Well wait , that got awkward real fast.