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The Killer Fro Tour feat. Candyland & Kill Paris

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Elizabeth Ninivaggi

What happens when you combine two of the most influential, yet diverse groups together for a headlining tour across the country? An epic show filled with good music from beginning to end. That's what Santa Barbara native duo, Candyland and glitch hop poster-boy, Kill Paris set out to do on their two month cross-country tour hitting up cities like New York to Los Angeles, bringing the bass, boom and fun with them. I got my Killer Fro fix at San Diego's nightlife hotspot, Bassmnt, and was blown away by the amount of energy and dedication both parties put into their sets. At a club setting, you never really get much diversity with a one act show, but being able to see multiple producers pump out their sounds within two hours of each other was amazing. This was a real treat for me and all audience members alike that night, as we raged and dancing with these characters from open to close. killer-fro-800x296 I had seen Corey, better known by his fans as Kill Parisbefore but had very vague memories of his set. I had no idea what to expect from the Indiana native, whose musical background is stacked from everything guitar, piano and drums, so I knew I was in for something special. Corey is known for his distinct, original sound, labeled as future-funk to glitch hop, and that's all that was booming from the start to very end of his set. He stepped on stage with confidence, wearing his groovy galactic signature sweatshirt and started with a bang. His well known remixes to Gramatik tracks and ones featuring the eerily beautiful Alma boomed from the speakers as Corey also managed to jam out on his keyboard (which is his essential tool he brings out during most of his live sets).  I was blown away by the originality of sounds and multitasking capability. I was able to chat with Kill Paris about the recent changes and new plans for his music career and life. Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.25.42 PM OTB:  I actually just saw a really funny photo on Instagram of you and your parents; have they always been supportive of your career? Can you talk about anyone else that might have been influential? Kill Paris: They definitely have helped me throughout my entire life. At the end of the day they told me - be happy! Also all my friends, I feel like if you surround yourself with good people, good things happen.  [caption id="attachment_19470" align="aligncenter" width="591"]"My parents are hilarious" "My parents are hilarious" - Kill Paris[/caption] OTB: What's the biggest mistake you've learned from as an artist? Kill Paris: Oh man that's a good one. That's hard, whoa! Any mistakes that I've ever made I learn from them, so I don't look at mistakes like just part of the route of you going to wherever you're going.  OTB: You just recently moved to Colorado, right? Kill Paris: Yep! I love it out here. It's absolutely amazing, I grew up in Indiana, Tennessee, Florida and LA and I can honestly say Colorado is the best place to come back to after being on the road for awhile. It's very serene, it's very outdoorsy, it's very connected to nature. I absolutely love it.  OTB: I've read that you've lived all across the country; name a couple of areas of inspiration for your music? Kill Paris: Every place that I've lived influenced me and led to the next thing. I don't look at one place as any better as the other. At the end of the day it all adds up, but I can definitely say that Colorado seems like the most creative place, the most "open" place for creativity.  [caption id="attachment_19473" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Bobby Reyes for Eventvibe Bobby Reyes for Eventvibe[/caption] OTB: You have a lot of diverse musical background, like guitar and piano. Has an instrumental music background really benefited you in your production electronic-wise?  Kill Paris: I couldn't make music if I didn't know something about music. I think everyone has their own way of doing it, like playing something into the computer rather than programming it, it's a bit more fun's like not just doing your taxes on your computer. I like to not look at the computer screen as much as I can when I'm making music! OTB: Talk about one of the best memories about touring with Candyland? Kill Paris: Honestly every day when we're on tour is the best day we're on tour; we are always making each other laugh. A lot of people don't realize that when you're on tour it's a lot of waiting. You gotta get up early, get the airport, wait to check your bags, wait for security, get on the plane and all that. The show is only an hour and a half, or two hours so we have a lot of time when we're waiting around and making jokes and that's the best time. The Denver show this past weekend was absolutely amazing though! For Candyland's Josie Martin and Ethan Davis, working together to produce massive beats and better music has become a regular thing for these two talented young producers. They have been a successful duo since 2012 and have impressed fans and artists alike with their remixes of Major Lazer. Not only are they keeping busy touring, having residencies at places like Marquee, they've also also managed their own record label, Sweet Shop Records on top of all of their production and remixing. 2012 was when the two really started to kick off their career, winning B2B remixing contests on Beatport, which put them in the spotlight.  OTB: You're embarking on this big tour, tell us what the best and worst part about doing a multi-city tour is? CandylandThe best part about touring is that you get to play a bunch of cool shows, the worst part about touring is being so exhausted from playing a bunch of cool shows. They just turn into big blurs, like right now! 22909-Killer-Fro-Tour-Candyland-Kill-Paris--774579 OTBYour road to success happened when you won those back to back remixing contests on Beatport, tell us about a time or moment when you realized you had made it big? CandylandI wouldn't say we're big yet but, I guess for my career it would be when we were signed to AM Only because then we were getting a bunch of shows after that. I guess that's when we went from like 1 show a month to like 10, that's when we knew. OTB: Your sound is an eclectic mixture of electro with some dubstep, it's great! How do you guys come together make this original sound come to life? Candyland: We just listen to a lot of weird music to be honest, would be the best way to put to it. I think you if limit yourself to one style or genre you kind of limit yourself [with music] but we listen to everything! [caption id="attachment_19472" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Copyright: Bobby Reyes for Eventvibe Copyright: Bobby Reyes for Eventvibe[/caption] OTB: Is your favorite board game Candyland?  Candyland: No! It's the worst flippen game ever, it's so pointless, you think you're going to make it and then you don't - it sucks! cl