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Getting to know Buku

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

U.S. bass creator Buku is a forward-thinking producer and is full of originality. Making dance floor heavy, ass-shaking beats, he has released on Never Say Die, Pilot Records and Civil Music to name a few. His current project is a track featured on the forthcoming Never Say Die UKF Vol.3 album - 'Cake Dough Cheddar.' We spoke to the man himself to get to know a little more about Buku's sound.

Buku - Cake Dough Cheddar

Only The Beat: Thanks for taking the time to speak to us. How's it going Buku? B: Oh I'm just peachy, thanks for asking! OTB: We have just had a listen to the Never Say Die UKF Vol.3 that features your new track 'Cake Dough Cheddar'. Can you tell us a bit about the track, and why you named it after three types of food? B: I remember sitting down at my studio and thinking "Alright, I want to make a banger with a big arpeggiator." After writing the big arpeggiator break (that follows a similar melodic pattern as a lot southern rap instrumentals), I was having so much fun with it that the tune kind of wrote itself. Also, the title is a metaphor for cash, money, dollars. OTB: This being the second time you feature on one of the Never Say Die/UKF collabs, what is it like working with two major 'players' of the Dubstep scene? B: It still feels so wild to me. I feel very fortunate to have been accepted as "different" from the beginning. This has allowed me to make music I truly love this whole time, and I feel blessed that these two players have recognized and accepted my approach to music all along. OTB: What is next after this release? Any more EP's coming on Pilot Records? B: I have quite a few things up my sleeve right now. I've been referring to 2014 as the "year of the collab." With that being said, I've been wanting to work with a ton of cats for a while now, and I'm finally making it happen. Stay tuned for these collars, plus more original singles. OTB: Do you have any favourites from the Vol.3 album to play out live at the moment? B: I've been absolutely rinsing out 'Step Two' by Laxx, 'Pakistan' by Antiserum & Mayhem, and of course my tune. All three have proven themselves to get people moving! Vol.3 art OTB: Have you got many shows/festivals lined up at the moment? B: Yeah I have some really fun things this summer! I'm really looking forward to Wakarusa, Emissions Festival, and Werk Out Festival to name a few. I'm so stoked to be playing on some boat parties this summer as well. Make sure you stay tuned to my Facebook page about all these shows this summer! OTB: Big ups! Good luck with it all.