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Nause Shows Us The Power Of Teamwork

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Travis Quick

Here at Only The Beat, we got the chance to get to know Nause on a more personal level. It's always great to be able to learn more about the DJs we love and listen to - and if you haven't heard of Nause, consider this your chance! Nause is made up of Jacob Criborn and Leonard Scheja, DJ duo hailing from Sweden, which just happens to be my favorite place for DJs to come from.  :) While some might classify their sound as house or dance, Nause consider their pride and joy melodic house. Now, have a listen to "Hungry Hearts" and take a journey down into the life of Nause! OTB: What is it like being a team and DJing together? Nause: Very good! We started to do this together as a team and it's always good to have your best friend on the road. We imagine it can get very lonely if you’re just by yourself travelling around the world. You can do so much more if you are two! OTB: What has been the most challenging event or obstacle you've has had to overcome? Nause: Haha, it must have been a gig we did in Stockholm a couple a years ago. It was in a big park with 30,000 people. We were only supposed to play three tracks and we had three CDJs, and when we did go on two of the players said ”error” so we only had one CDJ player left. There was something wrong when they did the update on the players. Luckily we where able to manage the situation pretty well, but it was very stressful! Nause-DJ-Set OTB: What are some of the biggest milestones you've reached? Nause: We didn’t know that we would come this far in the beginning, we have done so much stuff that we weren’t able to imagine when we started to produce music. One of the biggest milestones must have been when we did our first solo show in an amusement park in Stockholm last summer, the capacity of the stage was 12,000 people and it was sold out - that was something we never could have dreamt of. And of course playing at legendary clubs like Pacha Ibiza. It has always been a dream to play there since our first visit 7 years ago. ibiza-pacha OTB: What are the next steps for Nause? Nause: We are going to continue what we love to do! Producing music and DJing, going to have a really nice summer with a lot of good gigs! We have a lot of new tracks that we are going to release as well. OTB: What is your favorite part about being DJs? Nause: Our favorite part is that you make people happy. Everyone is there for the same reason and the best part is to see all the good reactions when you play your own tracks! And of course being able to see the world! OTB: Do you look up to other DJs or producers? If so, who and why? Nause: Yes, Tiesto is a big inspiration as a DJ and person for us. He just loves the music and has been very supportive of us from the beginning. Before we had released anything he contacted us and wanted to meet with him and from that day on we have become friends. We don't think he did that for his own gain, he just that he saw that we have a big passion for the music and he wanted to support young producers! OTB: What gives you guys that "wow" factor? Nause: When other producers try to do something different. Good melodies always gives us the wow factor. Nause-Dry-Ice OTB: Can we expect any new music or an EP soon? Nause: Yes! We have lot of new singles coming out soon in America so stay tuned! OTB: What is it like touring the US and other countries with Rebecca & Fiona? Nause: It's super fun! Leo and Rebecca are siblings so it feels like we all are one big happy family on vacation, doing what we love to do! OTB: Will there be any collaborations with other artists in the future? Nause: Hopefully! We are very open-minded when it comes to collaborations. It’s good to mix genres, the result can be very interesting. OTB: A lot of artists have been expanding into other genres. Does Nause have any plans to produce music in other genres besides dance/house? Nause: Not for now, we love all kinds of music but it has always been "melodic house" that has come out of our speakers in the studio. That is what we like to produce right now but who knows what will happen in the next couple of years.  It's always good to develop and try different stuff. OTB: Is there anything that you would like to tell your fans? Nause: Drink beer and enjoy good music! Life is too short for the other stuff. :) Well folks, that is Nause in a nutshell! And as if this wasn't enough, make sure to give their mixtapes a listen. This particular mix might just be one of my all time favorites: